Members Clubs

No matter what kind of members club or association you may have, ICRTouch have a range of products to manage your point of sales and back office. Our EPoS Solutions are suitable for Exclusive Members-Only Clubs, Social Clubs, Golf Clubs, Sports Clubs and Leisure Centres.

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Create Labels
Promotional Discounts

Give a percentage discount on all or a selected range of products, and vary the rate depending on the product.

Price Check Barcodes
Pricing Structures

Reduced pricing can be set up for members whilst non-members still pay standard rates.

Prevent Theft
Points Scheme

A points system allows members to earn points based on the products they buy or money spent which can be redeemed against future purchases.

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Go Cashless

The system can be configured to run prepay account balances, with a positive uplift which encourages customers to leave their accounts in credit. The customer only needs to use a loyalty card rather than bring in cash with them.

In many cases member loyalty cards can also be linked to the door entry system, so they only need a single card for both membership and gaining entry to the venue.

Promotions Adverts
Targeted email promotions

With the addition of TouchLoyalty to control members, targeted email promotions can be sent based on customers spend and other customer information such as birthdays.

Queue Busting Free Up Staff
Keeping track on members

Manage expiry dates, so that members have to renew their membership annually.

Prevent Theft
Age Restriction

The touch screen till system can be configured to restrict the sale of certain products to under age members.

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Photo ID

When a card is swiped at the TouchPoint till the member's photo can be displayed confirming the identity of the holder.

This ensures that the right person gets served, no members share their cards with non-members and stolen cards aren't used.

It can also be used to confirm the identity of the cardholder at door entry.

Our award winning state-of-the-art flagship touch screen till software. Effortless, reliable, proven and cutting edge, this will form the central part of any ICRTouch EPoS System for a members club.

Powerful tool providing a complete real-time understanding of your business. Control stock, analyse trends and make decisions on any web-enabled device, from anywhere in the world.

Offers enhancements to the standard loyalty system already found in TouchPoint; this is especially useful if you run a chain of pubs. This also offers the ability to run email marketing campaigns.

This is a secure wall mounted re-credit unit, allowing payments to be credited to customer accounts and checking of balances away from the point of sale and 24/7.