A comprehensive ticketing solution

Providing a reliable, flexible solution to many operations, Ticketing saves time and money for the attraction, venue and event industries. The system can also be implemented within non-event businesses such as hospitality, car parking, services and many more.

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Gain full control with the flexible Ticketing solution

The intuitive functionality allows for unlimited ticket types to be created, whether you’re running a single site or large multi-site operation. This means you can develop ticket tariffs as complex as you require; from variable date or time tariffs and the ability to set member-only prices to discounts on multiple ticket sales and bespoke purchasing journey fields.

The Ticketing solution can be seamlessly integrated with your existing TouchTakeaway, ByTable, TouchPoint and SelfService software, making it both easily recognisable and intuitive for your customers.

Unlimited Tickets

Running multiple events and multi-site operations at the same time is made simple with flexible ticket structures and unlimited ticket types.

Branding Your Way
Customisable Designs

Stay true to your band by setting custom ticket designs. From entry to events and attractions to car parking, your digital and physical tickets will be instantly recognisable.

Staff In The Know
Cloud Management

Full integration with TouchOffice Web+ gives you access to cloud-based live reporting, programming and management; anytime, anywhere.

Create bespoke, customised seat plans for your venue

For seated venues such as theatres and stadiums, a fully customisable seating plan creator is available to further enhance the comprehensive Ticketing solution.

This enables users to create, from scratch, not only bespoke seating areas, locations and arrangements, but also include variable seat types, adjust the seat numbering system and add landmarks such as emergency exits, hospitality outlets and stage identification. Providing unrivalled flexibility, this Ticketing add-on software will give you complete control.

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Flexible 05
Flexible Ticket Criteria

Set capacities, scan limitations and additional rules by various metrics. From ticket and customer types to events, dates, times, sessions and more.

Multi Site Multi Account
Multi-Channel Sales

Ticketing is compatible with sales across TouchPoint tills, TouchTakeaway webshops, ByTable apps and even via SelfService kiosks.

Manage Busy Times Nothing Missed

Not just an intelligent solution for attractions, events and venues, Ticketing's versatility makes it ideal for pub events, car parking and so much more.

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Streamline operations with the Entry Ticket Scanner app

To further help you improve the efficiency of your operations, a companion Entry Ticket Scanner app has been designed specifically to be used alongside the Ticketing solution.

This app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, giving you the flexibility to scan in and validate tickets from absolutely anywhere. The app scans tickets and allows users to access customer verification details in the palm of your hand, ideal for entrances toe venues and events where it’s not practical to have a static till terminal.

  • Easily scan and validate tickets in or out.
  • Scan QR codes via your mobile device’s camera.
  • Access tickets via the in-built search function.
  • View ticket validity details in seconds.
  • Track customer verification details.
  • Operate the app in light or dark mode.
See It All Real Time Sales Analytics
Intelligent Reporting

Keep quick track of ticket sales and plan resources ahead with the dedicated Ticketing calendar view; giving you sight of sales. per event, day, month or year.

Loyalty Loyal Customers
Membership Capability

Configure data requests during the purchase journey such as season passes to include custom fields; from date of birth to height and even images for easy identification.

More Revenue
Streamline Upgrades

Define upgrade paths from one ticket type to another, giving flexibility for customers to upgrade entry tickets to season passes, VIP packages and more.

Access intelligent reporting with TouchOffice Web+

Seamlessly integrating with the full ICRTouch ecosystem, Ticketing is managed via the cloud-based back office management system, TouchOffice Web+. This allows instant access to live reporting data on ticket sales and redemptions as well as keeping a secure audit trail. Sales data is stored securely giving you peace of mind and access to historical insights for tracking and comparing performance.

Each ticket QR code is also encrypted and can never be regenerated; meaning if a ticket is lost or stolen, it can easily be deactivated to avoid fraudulent re-sale or attempted redemption.

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