Pop-up events

A pop-up venue or event requires a lot of planning ahead of time, but you may be asking yourself what the benefits of an EPoS system are over a traditional cash register. Whatever the nature of your event, ICRTouch has the solution for you.

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Done Easy Intuitive
Easy To Use / Program

Setup your products, prices and promotions with ease from TouchPoint. Or, go online and login to your TouchOffice Web account to update the configuration from anywhere.

Loyalty Loyal Customers
User Friendly

ICRTouch software is designed to be simple to use, with a friendly user interface for easy navigation. New or temporary staff can operate the till with minimal training.

See It All Real Time Sales Analytics
Powerful Reporting

Get live insights into your business with visual performance reports from TouchOffice Web. You can also identify trends across several events.

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Features As Standard

Right out of the box TouchPoint includes product promos, happy hour price changes, kitchen printing, personalised customer display with adverts, customer prompting.

Wallets Pricing

For an affordable solution TouchPoint touch screen till software will run on portable devices.


TouchPoint can be used on a rental basis. Add a TouchOffice Web subscription for a complete short-term EPoS solution.

Card Payments

ICRTouch EFT solutions are fast and reliable. Customers can pay at their convenience via credit/debit cards, contactless or mobile payment methods.


Many secure sign on methods let staff use only the features allowed, with manager override. All actions are recorded in a fully identifiable audit trail. Cash declaration for managers, remote journal viewing, keg/spirit dispenser monitoring, full stock control, remote customer display help monitor and reduce shrinkage.

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TouchPoint ensures your business keeps trading even during unforeseen events. There is no reliance on the internet; if your broadband fails you can continue to make sales, float clerks, use and pay off tables, split a bill and print orders directly into the kitchen.

If the power fails, your data is safe and even the last transaction is stored securely. Bottom line – you can rely on TouchPoint.

Moguls Alpine Bar & SKATE pop up Ice Rink

Moguls Alpine Bar and Ice SKATE ice rink needed all the features you would expect from a full till, with various payment methods such as contactless and cash to keep the queues moving. Due to the temporary nature of the pop-up venue, Moguls needed a solution that was a good fit with their seasonal business and didn't stretch their budget.

Moguls Alpine Bar3

Our award winning state-of-the-art flagship touch screen till software. Effortless, reliable, proven and cutting edge, this will form the central part of any ICRTouch EPoS System for a pub or bar.

Powerful tool providing a complete real-time understanding of your business. Control stock, analyse trends and make decisions on any web-enabled device, from anywhere in the world.

PocketTouch is a digital handheld ordering device that allows your staff to take your till directly to your customers and allows them to be served without having to visit the bar area.

TouchMenu from ICRTouch is an attractive and enticing way to display your menu, projecting a professional image whatever your venue.