Whether you are running a 5 star hotel, boutique B & B or a holiday park, an ICRTouch EPoS system will help you manage a guest's stay from check-in through to check out, including every visit to the bar and restaurant in between.

Hotel Reception
Keep Tab Running Summary
Built in Reservation Diary

TouchPoint has a built in reservation diary and controls what is being sold.

Organised Courses
Graphical Table Plan

For your hotel restaurant, TouchPoint incorporates a visual table plan across multiple floors or dining areas.

Promotions Adverts

You can programme TouchPoint to your exact requirements for promoting products, offers and upselling.

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Hotel Property management system

Enables guests staying in your hotel to post their purchases at the bar or the restaurant to your existing hotel system so that they can be paid for at the end of their stay when they check out of the hotel.

Business management at your fingertips

TouchOffice Web can easily be accessed from any laptop, tablet or mobile phone to check bookings, stock orders, make a price change or run a report to help you with your accounts even when you're offsite.

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The tills are easy to use and not obtrusive at all. They enable us to be more professional.

Christine Turner, Operations Manager, New Forest Hotels

Derby Manor hotel upgrade their EPoS

The owners of Derby Manor Hotel had acquired the site of a rundown hotel which required a total refurbishment.

The hotel also needed an EPoS solution that would cope with all the needs of the newly refurbished luxury hotel and a fine dining restaurant. The solution also needed to be able to interact with the hotel management system so that food and beverage purchases could be posted directly into customer's rooms to be paid for at check-out time.

Derby Manor Hotel

Our award winning state-of-the-art flagship touch screen till software. Effortless, reliable, proven and cutting edge, this will form the central part of any ICRTouch EPoS System for a hotel.

Powerful tool providing a complete real-time understanding of your business. Control stock, analyse trends and make decisions on any web-enabled device, from anywhere in the world.

PocketTouch is a digital handheld ordering device that allows your staff to take your till directly to your customers and allows them to be served without having to visit the bar area.

Orders can be displayed and manipulated in the kitchen on a large touch screen monitor rather than using a more traditional printed paper receipts.

Offers enhancements to the standard loyalty system already found in TouchPoint; this is especially useful if you run a chain of pubs. This also offers the ability to run email marketing campaigns

An addon to your website that allows your customers to easily make table bookings online using their smartphone or any web enabled device. It also boasts real time integration to TouchPoint