20 years of TouchPoint

TouchPoint has been developed over 20 years and remains cutting edge through annual software updates which sees TouchPoint grow with new features and enhancements every year. To see what features have been added over the last decade to past versions of TouchPoint, please select a version from the menu on the left.


v74.00 - 10/06/2021
  • New Status Key, Split Item
  • Enhancements to List PLU functionality including Min/Max, enforced price shift/level and enforced zero price options
  • New Search Dialog option, VIEWLOG
  • Customer info is sent to the KV according to the KP flags set on the customer group
  • Flags added to selectively prevent customer contact details supplied from the webshop interface from printing on the receipt or KP ticket
  • Multi tax rate support for a selected number of countries
  • Archive option added to the Websales store
  • Maximum order number setting
  • Mix and match type 1 tables can now be configured to only trigger on quantities of the same item
  • The “Stay until escape” PLU option is now passed down to the called List PLU window
  • New flag to limit corrected items add to the registration buffer to old items from checks
  • New flag to make TouchPoint and PocketTouch collect Contact Details and upload them to TouchOffice Web for ‘Track and Trace’
  • Support for the Split Item key added to the split check dialogue
  • New sales mode skin window: Web Sales Status
  • Changes made to the fields dispatched to the EFT interface for non sale operations
  • Added a new switch to the SENDSALE command on the XML Socket, <IGNORENOSTOCK/> which stops it from testing the stock of items for that sale
  • New XML Socket command, GETOUTOFSTOCKITEMS
  • Performance improvements to XML Socket commands that return a large dataset
  • Non 0.00 @ quantities for prices 2, 3 & 4 are now sent in the return data to the XML Socket command GETPRODUCT
  • Changes to the journal on/off status are now logged in the event log
  • Tips support added to the XML socket
  • Cash drawer support for the ForPOS Pheonix
  • Added Debug Zone: DCIDDVCE
  • Added Debug Zone: DKVPRINT
TouchOffice Web
  • Notification added to allow TouchOffice Web to inform TouchPoint that there are new pending stock changes to collect
ByTable / TouchTakeaway / Webshop Support
  • Sales made through the webshop interface now support @ pricing
  • Sales made through the webshop interface now support price levels
  • Sales made through the webshop interface now ignore the “Inhibit sales when below minimum stock” flag set on products
  • Check tracking mode automatically switches to “Check tracking” if webshop sales are stored using “auto new check”
  • Added support for mix and match tables via the webshop interface
  • Support for net and gross item sales pricing via the webshop interface
  • Support for discounts made via the webshop interface
  • Tips support added to the webshop interface
ETAL (Add Ons)
  • ICR_File_OpenPipe() now supports multiple concurrent pipes
  • Added Etal function ICR_File_WritePipe()
  • New Etal event AfterXMLSocketSendSale()


v72.00 - 25/02/2020
  • Changed the Kitchen Printer/Video settings to be interchangeable depending on what device they are configured for. The number of available devices has been increased to any combination of up to 12 KPs or KVs.
  • Added the ability to remotely lock a check/table for Pay at Table card payment operations.
  • Added support for product alternate text on shelf edge labels, allowing for more detailed labels including allergen/dietary info.
  • A new option to enable alphanumeric check/table numbers to easily identify locations amongst other uses.
  • The split check key has been tidied up to remove legacy features.
  • When printing the table analysis report, the first used and last used date/time are now aware of the printers width for improved formatting.
  • Weight key can be configured to get the current weight from a connected scale to enable live weight and price reporting.
  • Output on receipts, kitchen printer tickets, the registration window and customer display will always display in the local/system language regardless of what language the clerk is currently set to use.
  • Closed down line is now printed on the journal for all close down events.
  • Increased non-product records to 100.
  • A transparent overlay panel can be added to an image button to include the text of the product or function for clear press functionality.
  • Changes made to programming mode for improved scaling with wide-screen tills/tablets.
  • The location of the QWERTY buttons on keyboard and search dialogs can now be specified.
  • Added the ability to import the numeric keypad onto the QWERTY keyboard and Search dialogs.
  • All "OK" responses in the XML socket are now upper case, where before some of them had a lower case "k".
  • Removed support for legacy devices: MPAD KV and CRB Reval.
  • Added the ability to store data into the report store when using the XML Socket printing command. This, for example, could be used to enable remote card payment reports to be uploaded to TouchOffice Web.
  • Language and improved printer width support for LAST X, LAST Z and LAST RESET as printed in the X/Z counters section of the reports.
  • Net values are returned in response to a GETCHECK request.
  • Added support to the XML Socket for remotely processing Mix and Match tables on a stored check/table so that deals can be processed on PocketTouch devices.
  • Mix and Match table information is sent in response to the OPENCHECK command.
  • Receipt, Bill, Webshop and Report Store folders now use the system language disregarding any local language set on the clerk.
  • Improvements to the performance of the internal VNC server.
  • LocalEFT is able to direct TouchPoint not to cut the EFT docket after it has printed.
  • Introduction of an Event log for improved troubleshooting.
  • The details for customer reports are now stored in the report store.
  • Setting added to Order Control to allow Set Menu items to go to their own KP category rather than that of the parent Set Menu.
  • Each error code can have a sound file attached to it, by creating the file Sounds\Error_X.wav
  • Maximum size of the clerk registration buffer increased to 2,000 lines.
  • Stability improvements to the way that the data is imported from Bill Store, Receipt Store, Web Sales & Report Store.
  • Support added for CUSTOMERNAME to the web sales search dialog.
  • Size of the Custom Driver PRINTSTART command increased to 20 bytes.
  • Support for MIXMATCH element node as part of the SENDSALE command added in the XML socket.
TouchOffice Web
  • House bon discounts are recorded separately in the IDC file so that they can be reported on in TouchOffice Web.
  • Added an IDC entry for manual drawer release so that it gets uploaded to TouchOffice Web.
  • Added support for centralised, multi site customer balances and points, using TouchOffice Web as the customer master.
  • Option to upload program changes made on the till to TouchOffice Web automatically.
  • PLUs created in Sales Mode when the "Auto create PLU" flag is set, now get uploaded to TouchOffice Web if configured to do so.
  • Additional boolean parameters added to ICR_SetPGMData to indicate that the program file/record should be uploaded to TouchOffice Web.
  • Changes made to PLUs, Clerks & Customers using the Range Programming function, now get uploaded to TouchOffice Web if configured to do so.
  • Change amounts now appear on PocketTouch bills when they've been finalised by overtendering.
  • Support for Net pricing and discounts for sales made via the XML socket or PocketTouch.
ETAL (Add Ons)
  • WEIGHT column added to the clerk buffer index accessed by Etal.
  • Added the Etal function ICR_GetDateDialog().
  • New Etal event OnVoucherPrint(Voucher, szBarcode) that allows you to replace the Voucher printing functionality.
  • New Etal function, ICR_ShellExecute().
  • Performance improvements to how Etal commits user data to disk.
  • Added the Etal function ICR_PlaySound().
  • When ICR_SetNextDialogInput() is used with a List Dialog, the value is now validated to check that the result falls within the contents of the dialog.
  • Correct support of UTF-8 characters when using the Etal function ICR_PrintImage_DrawText()


v70.00 - 02/01/2019
  • Multiple language file support enabling TouchPoint to change language from program mode
  • Language setting for clerks which enables the till to display the clerk’s prefered language
  • Deposit amounts can now be moved during split check operations for group payments
  • Add on tax is now shown on screen for seats during split checks for group payments and on the split check stub ticket
  • Option to enable the verbose program changes to be reported to the journal
  • Enforced tax rate flag added to product control
  • Some small tidying of Program reads
  • Additional information added to the clerk program settings report
  • Option to enable item corrects to go into the registration buffer and by virtue also be printed to the kitchen
  • Memory allocation added for Mix and Match promotions allowing the number available to be increased to 1,000
  • School meals weekly spend limit option added
  • Changes made to the ‘Plus’ item key to prevent it from being used under conditions where it might cause some confusion
  • Duty setting on customer verification 1 & 2 that determines prompt frequency as opposed to prompting every sale
  • Removed support for the old style icons
  • The keyboard layout can now be loaded from a fixed file per skin
  • Font style box in keyboard level configuration (Keyboard Programming) now uses the colour from the skin
  • Improvements made to hardware support for PosiFlex terminals
  • Support for new hardware; VARLink SBV-TWO, Ejeton E915, Flytech POS335 and Flytech 350
  • Internal debug information enhanced
  • Native driver support for fingerprints now built into directly TouchPoint
  • Support added for Belgium Fiscal law
  • Enhancements to the internal VNC server
  • Support for magnetic cards with unusually large data lengths
  • Barcode printing support for Bixolon SPP-R210
  • Removed the media line from printing when you pay a deposit into a check/table
  • Print control options added to build the receipt from the contents of the registration buffer at the end of a sale
  • Updates to split check seat bill prints: Alt-text support; top/bottom message support; service charge support
  • Changes made to better support printing with wide printers
  • Alt-text printing support added to bill prints which enable you various options for printing items on bill prints including alternative languages and descriptions. These can be configured to be supplementary or even replace the standard product text
Customer Display
  • Alerts and info are sent to the HTML customer display to inform customers when a PLU contains Allergen ingredients
  • Enhanced support for customer displays that use alternative character sets
  • Changes made to support customer display using standard drivers but with non-standard character widths
TouchOffice Web Support
  • Added support for a ‘head office level’ on TouchOffice Web
  • Stability improvements to polling large data using https and unreliable broadband connections
  • https requests now work when there is no Content-Length in the header
PocketTouch Support
  • Allergens flag added to PocketTouch, so that clerks can inform customers or allergens at the time of order
  • Clerk compulsion flags are now sent to PocketTouch
  • Clerk floor plan flags are now sent to PocketTouch
TouchKitchen Support
  • Added webshop order info and order notes to KV output so that TouchKitchen can distinguish between online and walk-in orders
  • New Etal function returns a table of voucher information from TouchOffice Web for the specified voucher code. Support has been added to retrieve the ‘Group’, ‘Dept’ and ‘PLU’ filters as part of the information
  • Support has been added to send the ‘MAXUSES’ and ‘SITE’ fields as part of the data table sent to TouchOffice Web
  • Support has been added for the ‘BILLSERIALNUMBER’ field when retrieved as part of the clerk buffer index table
  • Support added for getting the dimensions of the currently selected image
  • Support added to perform HTTP DELETE commands within the Etal engine
  • Support added to perform HTTP PATCH commands within the Etal engine
  • Previously when a button was pressed behind a drawn window, the button would draw over the top of the generated window. Now, when buttons are released, they now take into account the z-index of the ETAL window, therefore drawing themselves behind
  • Support for HTTP POST added to the EHP server


Program Mode
  • Program mode has now been skinned which allows the look and feel to be changed in the same way as the rest of the till
  • There are now country specific in program mode keyboards with full support for accented characters
  • You are now able to quickly jump between the program modes without having to exit back from sales mode. For example double tap on a button in keyboard programming and the till will automatically jump you into plu programming for that product
  • The following keyboard shortcuts now work in Keyboard Programming: (C)opy, (E)dit text, (M)erge, (V/P)aste, ( R)edo, (S)plit, (T)ype, (U)ndo, Esc and Page Up/Down
  • Price embedded barcodes can now be entered against in a PLU in program mode 3 in their raw format, ie with 0 price and check digit
  • EHP Server which is basically an embedded web server that allows dynamically created content from Etal
  • Full support for the Epson TMT88V
  • Support added for touch screen interaction with Etal windows on VGA customer facing display
  • Code page support for Epson customer displays
  • Added support for USB/RS232 E-jeton E715 RS232 cash drawer
  • Devices configured as ‘bluetooth’ now attempt to close/reopen the serial port if it fails to communicate with it
  • Added support for Bixolon SPP R210 bluetooth printer
  • Version number format changed to be a little in keep with other software products. For example version v2.68.1 now simply becomes v68.01
  • Automatically disables Windows 10 edge gestures at startup
  • Support for J2 240
  • Improvements to the built in VNC server
  • Various changes to Etal to better support UTF-8 character sets
  • The ability to access the tax totals of the current sale from within Etal
  • Added support for HTTP PUT
  • Added the ability to create vouchers from within Etal
  • Etal can now echo the contents of an external window onto the main screen of TouchPoint
  • Improvements and tweaks to HTTP GET and POST
  • Various methods of encoding and encryption added
  • Added the ability to store and retrieve custom data against individual PLUs
  • Changes made to Etal printer output functionality
  • Access to employee time and attendance data
Remote Socket Interface
  • Many changes to the socket journal including: date stamped text option & printing details of remotely finalised checks/tables
  • The ability to print complete tickets from remote applications such as TouchKitchen
  • Improvements to bill printing for checks/tables that were finalised from PocketTouch
  • Ability for remote applications to be able to store and retrieve extended information against individual products
  • PocketTouch can now fire cash drawers when configured to use a local printer
  • Enhanced support for clerk detail and hourly details totalisers for sales finalised from PocketTouch
  • Improvements to merged tables when used with PocketTouch
Online Services
  • TouchPoint can now be configured to synchronise its stock with TouchOffice Web
  • Vouchers can now be managed from within TouchOffice Web
  • Various enhancements to the kitchen video interface including changes to sorting and consolidation and storage of orders for later recall by the KV
  • Huge internal changes to support localisation and foreign character set
  • Better support for currencies that use high denominations
  • Changes made to allow arabic characters to be entered from the keyboard
  • Support for Arabic RTL printing using code page 864 and supported printer
  • Added the ability to have a longer, alternative description for a product printed on the receipts or kp. Which can be configured to print both instead and as well as the original description
X/Z Mode
  • Customer verifications fixed totalisers which totals up the number of times that customers have been age checked
  • Time and Attendance log now automatically cleans up old data
  • Running the Clocked In report as a Z now clocks out anyone that's left clocked in
  • First/Last sale fixed totalisers which records when the first and last transactions of the day were made
  • Tweaks made to the way that batch reports are handled
  • New report added - Tax Table Net - Which shows the taxable total pre tax regardless of whether the system is configured for add-on or add-in tax
Till Functionality
  • Plenty of small tweaks to what is printed on the journal, including: Enhanced printing of paid seats from the split check dialog; remote output via TCP/IP to CCTV systems; deferred set menu items are now printed;
  • A tax analysis report has been added which allows you to quickly identify whether products are configured for the correct tax links
  • Various enhancements to the reason table including: Entries can be filtered by function key, which means that that reasons are only shown for that function; Reason table reports are now sorted by function key type; Deposit key can now prompt for a reason;
  • Tips are now removed from the Net Sales fixed total if done with a sale
  • Cleaned up some old legacy functionality for things that are no longer used: old floor plan; old split checks; some clerk flags
  • Many enhancements to kitchen printing functionality including: more flexible width setting; sale total printing; same condiment item consolidating; and alternative item text printing which can be printed either as well as the main product text or instead of
  • Updates to set menu handling which includes the ability to shift from a 2 course meal to a 3 course meal after it has been registered and items selected
  • Tweaks and improvements to receipt printing


  • Direct hardware support added for the following EPoS hardware: Aures Yuno, PioneerPOS CORE-87, EBN Xpos 755, Protech PA-6223, Datavan 715, Datavan 815, Poindus Posinno 550/550P, P2C C-100, Sam4s Titan 150/160, VariPOS 715S, Seiko RP-E10 printer, PartnerTech SP850, PartnerTech PT6315
  • Added the ability to build custom printer and customer display drivers
  • Added support for multiple graphic logos and a flag that also allows printing of a graphic logo at the bottom of the receipt
  • Run time debug zones which allows our technical support staff access to better information in the event of problems
  • Some small enhancements to program mode which includes clipboard paste text support and better grouping of some of the menus
  • Made allocatable the number of customer loyalty groups
  • IP kitchen printing and kitchen videos can now be configured using host names
  • TouchLoyalty can now be connected using a direct TCP link which makes it easier to run customer loyalty across and estate of sites
  • The receipt, bill and report stores now auto archive which means that they automatically keep themselves trimmed to a usable size
  • Improvements made to support for Bixolon IP printers
  • Functionality added to detect whether the cash drawer is currently open from an Etal script
  • Added a HTTP Get function that also allows you to pull down binary files such as images
  • Further enhancements to HTTP functionality
  • Enhancements to FTP functions
  • The ability to send messages between terminals includes across sites
  • Added the ability to choose which receipt printer will be used
  • Changes made to improve graphics performance on the newer range of Intel Atoms
  • Changes made to the skin engine that allow skins to be made that can be better scaled on different screen resolutions
  • Changes made to the scaling of the keyboard/display in program mode on larger screens
Remote Socket Interface
  • Improved support KP Category with PocketTouch devices
  • Improvements made to the Kitchen Video interface for the new TouchKitchen
  • New software licencing options for PocketTouch
  • Improved stability of check/table sharing when using PocketTouch
  • PocketTouch and Webshop sales now appear in time zone/hourly reports
  • PocketTouch is now able to see when a sale was last made on a table
  • Various other changes made to data that's sent to PocketTouch
Till Functionality
  • Split checks dialog and functionality surrounding seats and seat numbers completely revamped
  • Added a tips button
  • Changes made to allow alphanumeric barcodes and random codes
  • Substantial changes made to the way that items NET their totals so that when various discounts are applied they calculate on the net total of that item rather than the gross
  • Voucher functionality added
  • New 4th @ price and changes made to better handle @ prices using quantities with 3 decimal places eg glasses of wine
  • Changes made to the Set Menu system
  • Better handling when creating new newspaper products from barcodes
  • Changes made to allow condiment items to be inserted anywhere within the sale
  • Floorplan changes including new options for default level when entering the floor plan, being able to set the location of the sale based on the current floor plan level, now able to make size adjustments to tables using an external plug in keyboard, table snapping and duplication of the last table when new table is added
  • New options for the refund key
  • Enhancements to foreign currency support
  • Support for EFT pre-auth's with an appropriate EFT service that supports that
  • 3rd party software is now able to communicate with the remote socket using JSON
Online Services
  • Automated background cloud backups
  • Uploads finalised table bills to TouchOffice Web
  • Online table payments through PayTable.net
  • Not found scanning PLUs can now get a list of matching names
  • Push notifications support for table reservations
  • Enhancements made to the 'failsafe polling time' on TouchTakeaway sales to improve system stability if push notifications are missed
  • Totals for remote check/table payments and cash declaration totals are now sync'd to TouchOffice Web
  • Proxy and SOCKS support for all external internet connections
  • Improvements to the TouchTopUp interface
  • Stability improvements to the Push Notification service


  • New Etal events added that allow you to make changes or additions to the receipt or sale during the finalisation process
  • Added the ability to fire the cash drawer from Etal
  • Updated the core scripting engine
  • Added support for SSL when using web sockets in Etal and made some efficiency changes to the web socket functionality
  • Added the ability to make changes to customer account balances or points
  • Function to allow you to preload the input into system dialogs before they appear
  • Changes made to allow access to the registration buffer from Etal whilst the till is printing a bill
  • Enhanced printing functionality of the Etal fixed totals
  • New event that allows you to capture when a customer has been logged on from a 3rd party source, eg TouchLoyalty
  • New event that enables you to inject additional print data into the order info box on receipts and kitchen printing tickets
  • New internal consecutive number that counts up only for actual finalised sales
  • Department and plu group reports now support sales % ratio printing
  • Department reports can now be grouped and sorted by sub department
  • Single PLU price level reports can now be reset
  • Flag added to allow the 'last run date' to be removed from reports
  • Non turnover sales now upload only PLU sales data to TouchOffice Web
  • Flag added to TouchOffice Web to enable/disable uploading of Non Turnover Sales
Remote Control
  • Some VNC clients with some resolutions the error message "Frame buffer too large" would be thrown up on connecting
  • Changes made to stop tearing when using Ultra VNC as a client
  • Changes made to increase colour compatibility with a range of VNC clients
  • Changes made so that it still draws to the screen when TouchPoint is minimized this so that you can run multiple client instances in the background of the EPoS system
  • Added an internal Escape Character support which makes it easier to use formatted printing from within a script or remote device
  • Euro symbol is now output in JSON as \u20AC
  • Support for Push Notifications with TouchOffice Web, Webshops and TouchTopUp Web meaning that program changes made on TouchOffice web appear instantly on the EPoS System
  • Removed some legacy entries from the send/receive program files list
  • Small change made to protect against an error on the till caused by having '0' in the receipt width setting in Device Connection
  • Stopped customer surname from showing on Customer Display when using the internal loyalty system
  • Extensive changes made to the web shop interface which include supporting custom text messages on the receipt and kitchen printing and a historical storage and retrieval system
  • Direct hardware support added for the following EPoS hardware: EBN XPOS 75P, PartnerTech SP600, ForPOS Quantum X, Firich PP9635 and TEC C10
EFT / Credit Cards
  • Various changes made to enhance support when using an Ingenico PDQ connected via RS232
  • SagePay EFT now supports Cash back, terminal number and site number
  • Added Banking and EOD report support to 'Local EFT App' type for enhanced reporting when using PaymentSense as an EFT provider
Remote Socket Interface
  • Changes made to the HTML display interface that allow it to display more information about the current customer, current sale and to know when the till has gone in and out of idle mode
  • The PocketTouch interface now supports the ability for devices to store and load their local configuration in the master till to make it easier to add new devices to the system
  • Support added so that PocketTouch and remote payment devices can get an up to date list of the current table balances and changes
  • Changes made to the way that check payments that are made from mobile phone apps and remote pay at table terminals are printed on the bill
Till Functionality
  • The non add key can now be pressed in between pressing the refund key and the item that is to be refunded
  • Flag added to the group search button that means that the PLUs can now be selected using the search dialog once the group has been chosen
  • Enabled the school meals 'points on selected item 4' functionality so that points can be awarded in schools for healthy eating
  • Flag added to change the behaviour of whether the check transfer ticket is printed to the kitchen printer or not
  • Can now change a table or clerk number when editing a reservation
  • Changes made so that the till can enforce using of a check or table when food items are sold and will even automatically push you into the table plan if the user simply presses cash without having preselected on
  • Floor plan tables can now be opened by number using the open check key without having to go into the table plan first
  • Now have the ability to store and record reasons without having to use a transaction key that specifically triggers those reasons


Win32 : v2.62x | WinCE : v3.62x Note : Only licence numbers higher than 40,000 can be upgraded to version 2.62 - older licence numbers will need to purchase an upgrade licence. See your ICRTouch Partner for more details
  • Text prediction added when programming product names
  • New configurable customer display message, Till Closed, that when set is shown on the customer display when in the EPoS System is in X/Z, Manager or any of the Program Modes
  • Some of the program mode item lists are sorted alphabetically, for example the Status Key key types
  • New flag added to the External Product Group importer that only imports new products into existing groups
  • Deleting items from External Products Groups now cleans up the gaps meaning that new items are now always added onto the end of the list
  • Changes made to allow more customisation to the end of sale total Window skin
  • Customer details now show on VGA customer displays
  • Changes made to give more information to when changes were made to checks and tables on the user display
  • Support for Sage Pay EFT
  • Built in VNC server that means VNC clients can be connected directly to the TouchPoint EPoS terminal
  • Changes made to the RezLynx interface
  • Changes made to the Web shop EPoS interface to support shared stock
  • Added support for direct communication over RS232 with Igenico PDQ devices for EFT
  • Remote customer display using the XML socket
  • Changes made to the Commidea/Verifone EFT bill lodging
  • Added support for custom html remote customer displays
  • Added support for JSON in the remote interface
  • Time and Attendance/clock in and out data is now uploaded to TouchOffice Web
  • Enhancements made to 3rd party support using the XML socket interface
  • Enhancements made to being able to pay off checks and tables via remote applications like PocketTouch
  • Support for Proxy Servers when using internal web sockets
  • Added the ability to be able to change the name on a table or check remotely
  • HTTP Web connectivity support in function in Etal
  • Support for piped connections to remote applications
  • Access to employee time and attendance jobs and shifts
  • Fully customisable scriptable mix and match table promotions type use Etal
  • Ability to run online system updates from Etal
  • New graphics functions added; DrawPie, FloodFill and GetPixel
  • Added access to the table reservations file from remote applications
  • Direct support added for the following hardware: Monitor 1200A, Digipos A100, A300 & A500, Protech PS-3120, Xpos 852, FG-192CPA customer display, Aures Ninô, Aures Sango, J2 680
  • Changes made support cash drawer and other io operations under 64 bit Windows
  • Changes made so that the TouchPoint EPoS terminal doesn't need admin rights to run
  • RS232 speed improvements
  • Changes made to allow multiple instances of the TouchPoint EPoS Software to be run remotely on the same EPoS Terminal
  • Support for Vending Machines
  • Better support for 'Closing EPoS Terminals' overnight or when not in use
  • More special rounding options for overseas markets
  • Enhancements to the number of EPoS Terminals that can be supported in a single network
  • Extended the number of table types available on the table plan
  • Changes to made to allow the receipt, report and kp width to be adjusted to match the width of the printer
  • Changes made to receipt printing to make full/better use of the available width of the paper
  • Changes made to the IRC initialise ticket to give much more information about the system
  • X/Z Counters rewritten to include a counter per report code and also shows last x, last z and last reset information
  • Report store to allow you to view and reprint past reports. Part of this is the ability to upload reports to TouchOffice Web for viewing from there
  • KP Category Shift system that allows starters to be shifted to mains etc
  • Support for Seat numbers on the kitchen printer and table plan
  • Transferring tables or checks now print on the kitchen printer to indicate that the customer may have now moved
  • The ability to print gift receipts out that can then later be recalled and reprinted from a barcode on the bottom of them
  • Receipts can be stored and reprinted from TouchOffice Web from any TouchPoint EPoS Terminal anywhere in the world
  • Change made to the NET totalising of some of the Mix and Match tables


Win32 : v2.60x | WinCE : v3.60x - Note : Only licence numbers higher than 30,000 can be upgraded to version 2.60 - older licence numbers will need to purchase an upgrade licence. See your ICRTouch Partner for more details
  • Added a permanent store for each finalised receipt that can be recalled and reprinted any time
  • Added an interface to eReceipts for online paperless receipts
  • When printing consolidated receipts items that have been corrected off are now removed
  • Added functionality to our scripting engine that allows custom images and even QR codes to be printed on receipts
  • Option to print the time in large on the top of a kp ticket
  • Support for ICRTouch online post code database for looking up addresses for when creating new customers etc
  • Webshop interface
  • Real time online sales uploader
  • Native support for PxTech online web portal
  • Remote commands to allow 3rd party applications to adjust the stock levels in TouchPoint
  • Direct support added for the following hardware; J2 225, POSLab DesirePOS, Panasonic JS960, Firich MP-2410 & Clientron
  • Enhanced support for CCTV journal overlay systems such as GeoVision
  • Changes made support running under WINE for Linux and Mac OS and ARM based CPUs running Windows CE
  • A new totaliser that counts up each time the drawer has been manually released without using one of the functions within the till
  • The 'Set Price' mix and match table type now net totalises the products within the offer
  • Mix and match percentage discounts now take into consideration the system flags rounding setting
  • Add a set of sales totals that a accessible from Etal
PocketTouch Enhancements
  • Supports ticket printing from PocketTouch
  • Alternative 2nd/3rd@ modifiers now supported
  • Support for Set Menus on PocketTouch devices
  • Clerk detail and IDC totals are now processed
  • Shares consecutive numbers
  • When importing external product groups, if the group header text is unchanged then the existing colours will be reused
  • You can now force new lines when editing the text on a keyboard by using the '|' key
  • Changes made to support for text on button adding margins and horizontal and vertical alignments
  • Support for margin spacing between buttons
  • A new window that allows pictures to be shown that associate with the current sold product, these could be used for upselling prompts or information messages
  • A new data collection dialog that can be used when creating new customers and is accessible from Etal


Win32 : v2.58x | WinCE : v3.58x | Note : Only licence numbers higher than 25,000 can be upgraded to version 2.58 - older licence numbers will need to purchase an upgrade licence. See your ICRTouch Partner for more details
Tables & Checks
  • TouchPoint 2012 now integrates with our online web based table reservations system that allows your customers to book tables from your website
  • We've added a 3rd party integration system for online table bookings
  • The floor plan has been completely redeveloped, some of the enhancements include; much larger table plan that can be scrolled around the screen, many more options for tables designs, flashing tables when left unattended, warning when tables reach a certain balance threshold and much much more
  • All finalised check and table bills are now stored on the check master and can be recalled/reprinted at any time. These can also be printed by batch on the end of day report
  • Checks and Tables can now be opened mid-sale without the need to transfer to them first
  • Added the ability for checks/tables to be finalised from remote devices, for example mobile phone payments
Customer Loyalty
  • New option to allow the change of the current sale to be added to the account balance of the current prepaid customer
  • The customer search dialog now also allows customers to be searched for by; Address, email and notes
  • Increased the number of fields that can be prompted for when creating a customer mid-sale to include all available fields
  • Added an Etal Event - OnNewCustomer() - which means custom scripts can be created to allow enhanced processing when new customers are created
  • Customer details can now be printed on TouchKitchen for fast food delivery sites
  • The edit customer key now allows for editing customer notes
  • Changes made to the TouchLoyalty interface to better handle poor internet connectivity
Product File
  • Mix and Match Type 2 tables can now be linked together enabling offers to be easily built up containing large numbers of products
  • The subtotal window now includes the service charge total
  • The end of sale total window now includes the service charge total
  • A flag has been added that allows the 'Are you sure?' prompt at a z read to be removed
  • It's now possible for the system to be configured to apply service charge to all sales, not just sales involving checks/tables
  • You can now have a window on-screen showing the current service charge
  • Direct support added for the following hardware; WinTec AnyPOS 500, POS7300 customer display, Orderman Columbus 300, Orderman Columbus 700, Firich RP3515D, Firich MP3435, Custom Plus 2 panel printer, Futaba M202 customer display, TEC C10 LIU customer display, TEC C10 Internal Printer and the PosBank AnyShop iButton reader
  • You can have up to 800 clerks
  • Macros can be record and played back from Etal, making it easy to automate often repeated tasks
  • New skinnable splash screen
  • We've added functionality that allows the destination of a kitchen printer to be determined at the end of a sale from within the scripting engine
  • Customer names stored on tables can now be printed in the kitchen and receipts in double size characters
  • Added the ability to print the customers phone number and address on tickets
  • Added SMTP support for sending emails directly from the terminal
  • Added FTP support for direct access to FTP servers from the terminal
  • Added SMS support for dispatching SMS text messages direct from the terminal
  • Added support for the NO-IP dynamic dns service


Win32 : v2.56x | WinCE : v3.56x | Note : Only licence numbers higher than 20,000 can be upgraded to version 2.56 - older licences will need to purchase an upgrade licence. See your ICRTouch Partner for more details
Customer Loyalty
  • Added expiry dates, phone number 2 & 3 and notes fields
  • Added a customer search dialog allowing customers to be looked up by name, postcode, address etc
  • Caller ID customers can now be logged on using multiple phone numbers
  • Increase in size of the customer transaction history file
  • Lots of changes/additions to the schools meals system
  • More customer reports can now be configured for one shot report keys
  • Price level shift added to all customer group types
  • Compulsory customer option
  • Customer images can be displayed on the main screen {without dialog} automatically when a customer is signed on
Product Dialog
  • Added a search dialog to allow searching of products by name, price, barcode, department etc
  • Shelf edge label printing direct from the terminal
  • Increased the number of drop down window PLUs
  • Limitless PLU modifier texts for 2nd and 3rd prices - to replace 'half' and 'double'
  • Mix and Match type 2 tables now have a date range
  • Changes made to support contactless EFT cards
  • Added a 'Reprint last EFT receipt' option
  • Added new on screen windows for subtotal and item count as skinable options
  • Reason table support extended to many more function keys
  • Cash back dialog on cash keys
  • Support for YesPay Hospitality module
  • Paid check/table financial total
  • Finger and kinetic scrolling implement on all on screen scrollable regions
  • Added mouse wheel support
  • Highly customisable, event driven scripting engine added which means almost limitless amounts of changes and additions can be made to ICRTouch by 3rd parties
  • Hardware and cash drawer support added for lots and lots of recent machines
  • OPOS cash drawer support
  • Dynamically customisable advertisement panel added to the VGA customer display
  • 200 line receipt length limit removed
  • Double size character printing for receipt header messages
  • Barcode option showing check or table number option for queue busting etc
  • 2nd receipt printer option
  • OPOS printing support
Tables & Checks
  • Floor plan buttons resized on higher res machines
  • Option to show check text on floor plan tables
  • Lots of changes and tidying up made to the reservations module
  • More floor plan tables available
PocketTouch Support
  • Journal roll added for sales made on remote handhelds
  • Support for training clerks on handheld devices
  • Below minimum stock error handling for remote devices
  • Belt printer support


Win32 : v2.54x | WinCE : v3.54x
Customer Loyalty
  • Customers using proprietary cards can now be created in ICRTouch on the fly at the point of sale
  • Increase in the size of the customer group file
  • Customer balance uplift % added. For example the system can now be configured to increase amount paid to positive account balances by 10%
  • Customer discount report
Product File
  • Performance improvements to keg monitoring under Windows CE
  • Customisable customer verification flags added; eg "Over 18?" or "Contains nuts, Ok?"
  • When auto creating products at point of sale it can now prompt for a tax rate
  • Increase in size of the department and group files
  • Mix and match tables can be set to only work during price level 1
  • Mix and match tables can be configured only to kick in at the end of the sale
  • Drop down windows with only single items are now registered as a single item automatically
  • An intermediate receipt can be issued mid sale
  • Changes made to the way that the tax table now prints at the bottom of receipts
  • Preset KP messages option
  • Send to KP now button which allows the current sale to dispatched to the kp prior to finalisation
  • Discount % can be item corrected at any time; though the system must not be set for NET totalising for this to be possible
  • Coin/change dispenser support
  • Support for YesPay EFT
  • End of sale 'Total & Change' pop up dialog window added
  • Clerk totals can be added to hourly reports
  • Added support for Ocius EFT Reports
  • Reports can be locked out from Z mode if there are active clerks or tables
  • Complete GUI can now be easily reskinned; the skin consists of easily editable .xml files and image files
  • The entire language text can be customised
  • Hardware and cash drawer support added for lots and lots of recent machines
  • Custom cards; eg prox cards can now be used for cashier sign on
  • Now supports up to 8 serial ports
  • Multiple tills can now share 1 cash drawer
  • Changes made to lots of buttons such that those that require numeric input can now pop up with a numeric keypad when pressed; thus forgoing the need for separate numeric keys on the keyboard
  • 'Digital photo frame' option whilst running the screen saver using images from a USB memory stick
  • Support added for VGA customer facing display
  • Support added for OPOS customer displays
  • Built in online software updater
  • Interfaces with Range Servant ball dispensers
  • DynDNS support
  • UPnP support
  • On screen print dialog buffer now increased to 20,000 lines
Tables & Checks
  • Tax totals print on intermediate bills when the system is set for add on tax
  • Sig strip can now be printed on intermediate and/or final bills
  • Lots of changes to reservations; Reports added, added 'Change Reservation', Increased size of dialog on high res machines, view and reprint reservations, reference text is now shown on screen, plus more
  • Table analysis reporting which allows you to see financial totals for the day on a per table basis
  • Improvements to handling of large check files
  • Plus many many more minor changes and bug fixes