EPoS software

Ease of Use

We understand how important it is to keep everything running smoothly. A TouchPoint till system is intuitive, managers and staff of all abilities can get up to speed quickly.
Graphical Table Plan

Visual representation of service areas with multiple levels and numbered tables.

Product Image Buttons

Identify products by its picture without reading the button name.

Clerk Language Selection

Change language for the operator that signs on to the system.

Kitchen Translation

Orders can be printed or displayed in the kitchen in a secondary language for when kitchen staff are predominantly non-native readers.

Prompts to Upsell

Create upselling suggestions when specific products are sold.

Stock Count on Sales Screen

Show stock quantities on product buttons for specials and other limited quantity items.

Inhibit sales of low stock items

Prevent sales of products when their stock limits are reached.

Split bill

Takes the pressure off staff, automatically calculate split bill values.


No Internet Connection

Make sales, float clerks, use and pay off tables, split a bill and print orders directly into the kitchen without a reliance on the internet.

Power Cut

Sales are stored locally, so in the event of a power cut you'll find you haven't lost any data.

Customer Loyalty

Reward Customers with loyalty schemes that come as standard.
Points Schemes

Collected on value of a sale, or on specific products for a deferred discount or in exchange for a product at a later date.


Provide a discount rate for purchases on a whole sale or specific products.

Loyalty Prices

Shift to a different price list for product specific discounts.

Gift Cards

Create gift cards of any value to use against a transaction.

Photo ID

Ensure that loyalty cards are used by the right person with photo verification at the till.


Add funds to an account for cashless environments such as a canteen, leisure centre or members club.


Entice customers with a range of promotional features.
Mix & Match offers

Includes discounts, Buy-One-Get-One-Free, discounted cheapest item, as well as set price promotions.

Happy hours

Schedule automatic happy hour price changes.

Set Menus

Set price for two, three or more course meals.


Discount vouchers and codes can be used for promotional campaigns.

Staff Management

Keep an eye activity and save administration time with employee management features.
Clock in & Out

Capture start and end times for employees shift work to record working hours to assist with payroll administration.

Clerk Audit Trail

All clerk operations are recorded within the system's Journal. Identify training issues and make sure the right buttons are being pressed.

Secure Operator Sign On

Unique sign-on methods include unique sign-on number, iButton, magnetic card, RFID and biometrics. Ensure users only access their allocated features, and monitor operations with the audit trail.

Staff Incentives

Incentive best-performing staff, and keep track using the standard reports.

Integrated CCTV

Integrated CCTV syncs with the audit trail, meaning you get operation information overlaid on CCTV playback. See what's happening at the till and by whom.

Safety Information

Allergen Info

Allergen information can be held against each product, and is highlighted on-screen at the point of sale.

Age Verification

Reminders to operators to check the age of the customer for specific products, such as alcohol, tobacco or door entry.

Customise For Your Business

Add-ons and bespoke features can help you work the way you need to.
Add-on features

Add-on applications and scripts can change or add features to work the way your business does. Choose from the application list or commission your own.

Card Payments

Eliminate double keying mistakes, the correct amount is charged to the customer and shown automatically in financial reports.

Hotel Systems

Integrates with many well known hotel software packages, so that bar and restaurant sales can be added to the room balance.

Kitchen Printers and Displays

Print orders seamlessly in the kitchen and bar or send to kitchen management screens.

More Features
  • Caller ID
  • Delivery Driver Management
  • Customer Address by Postcode Lookup
  • Product Barcode Lookup