Digital Kitchen Ticket/Order Management Software

Kitchen Management

Order Management

Chefs can move the tickets around as they wish and peg individual tickets until they are ready to cook.

Colour Coding

The chef can colour code items to indicate a status to each item.

Order Timers

Each ticket displays a timer, which can be set from the till when the clerk puts an order through.

Portion Size Indicator

Set Menu items may have smaller portion sizes. Set Menu items are indicated by an [S].

Bump Bar

In the hot, sticky, greasy kitchen environment, use a bump bar with TouchKitchen to prevent damage to your touchscreen device.

Digital Tickets

There are no physical tickets that can accidentally drop on the floor and get lost.


TouchKitchen can alternate the ticket language for readers of different languages.

Order Complete Notification

Chef can send an 'order ready' notification to staff or customers via display screen (CollectionPoint) or printer.

Item Complete Notification

Complete individual items on the ticket, and a notification can print for each one as they become ready.


TouchKitchen provides the kitchen with a summary of all items they need to cook and its status.

Check Completed Orders

If there are any queries, you can go to ‘finished tickets’ to check that an order was created as it should have been. If a meal needs to be redone, the ticket can be recalled into the active order grid.

Receive Online Orders

Orders from TouchTakeaway or integrated Webshop can seamlessly pass through to the TouchKitchen display.

Look and Feel


TouchKitchen can have a colour theme of your choice as well as your own background and logo.


Set text & button size, move navigation sections and style TouchKitchen to suit your needs.

Preset Layouts

TouchKitchen has preset layouts to suit both small to large tablets, and digital screens.