Product Navigation

Easy to navigate product pages and individual items can have an extended, detailed description, price and a larger picture before they are added to the basket.

Allergen Info

Allergen ingredient details are displayed on each product page so that customers are informed without asking a member of staff.

Payment Options

Offer the choice of payment at the TouchPoint till or at the Self Service kiosk. It accepts credit / debit card, contactless and mobile payments.


Pair Self Service with CollectionPoint so that the customer's ticket number is immediately displayed on a digital screen once their order has been placed at the kiosk.


Once an order is made a receipt is printed for the customer at the kiosk with a ticket number.

Order Adjustments

From the basket, the user can quickly add additional or subtract portions at the tap of a button.

Staff Confirmation

Age restricted items can require a secure staff verification before checkout.

Look and feel

Full pictures menu

Use your product images to entice customers and prompt impulse purchases.


Add your company logo, products and branding to the kiosk.

Welcome Screen

Add a custom 'tap to start' welcome screen or contact your ICRTouch Partner to enquire for a bespoke animation.

Further Options

Receipt Printers

SelfService provides receipts for purchases printed from the kiosk.

Barcode Scanners

For secure staff sign on. For retail, scan product barcodes to add them to your basket. The scanning feature can also be used for scanning discount vouchers.

Card Payments

Equip a card payment terminal from ICRTouch to take card payments at the self service station.

Finger Print Scan

For secure staff sign on.

RFID Card readers

For secure contactless staff sign on.

Mifare Card Readers

Loyalty cards and vouchers can be swiped at the self service station.