Digital displays to engage and inform customers

Digital Signage syncs with your TouchPoint EPoS system to display live digital information that is always up-to-date. Make changes on the go via a third party syncing service such as google drive to remotely update signage. Simply let TouchPoint automatically remove items that are no longer in stock. Unlike traditional printed signage, digital signs can be interactive, boosting customer engagement and experience.

Mock up digital signage copy
Multiple Screens
Multi Screen

Run multiple screens displaying different signage from one terminal.

Time Attendance Clock Wait Time Timer
Estimated Wait Times

Let customers know how long their wait is likely to be with automatically generated wait times.

Faster Stock Take
Automatic Stock updates

Keep customers informed with live stock updates, automatically run straight from your TouchPoint Till.

Save time and money with Digital Signage

Digital Signage saves you time and money. Product sizes, prices, and layout can all be adjusted to present the information just the way you want it, without having to order new signage.

Digital Signage Grocery
Digital Signage Cinema

Variety of uses

There are a variety of uses for digital signage, common uses in retail environments include but are not limited to: merchandise in stadiums where there is reduced stock; vape shops where high-value items are not displayed on shelves, and attraction parks where multiple sectors can be advertised i.e. ticket prices, opening times, cafe menus, promotions and special offers.