Digital Order Status Display


Automated Orders

When an order is placed on TouchPoint, the order gets sent straight to CollectionPoint.

Automated Collections

Collection notifications are called from the CollectionPoint remote or when the kitchen finish a ticket on TouchKitchen.


When an order is ready to collect, an animation for the corresponding ticket will pop-up on screen, along with an audio announcement

More Features
  • Displays customer ticket status / queue.
  • Individual ticket progress (i.e. ‘Cooking’, ‘Preparing’, ‘Ready’).
  • A pop up notification alerts customers when an order is ready for collection.
  • Audio call out available in multiple languages and accents.
  • Estimated preparation time auto-generated from recent orders.
  • Bespoke designs available from your ICRTouch Partner.
  • Real Estate for advertising to customers (video, motion-graphics and image slideshow).