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"I don't have that problem as we only sell ICRTouch EPoS Systems, If I can't do it with ICRTouch I just walk away.

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Dave, Pos E-Vision

Take Stock and Order TouchOffice Web

The web services team have been busy up in cloud land over the past year adding many more features and enhancements to TouchOffice Web keeping it at the top of the charts for cloud based backoffice EPoS software. Let's have a quick look at what they've been up to.


New stock features now allow users to perform stock takes by putting the system into stock take mode. 

Stock can be counted, listed into the system and then updated. If you find your stock is running a bit low, you can now order some more from your suppliers by building an order list from within the software, which can then be downloaded as PDF or a spreadsheet to send over to your suppliers. Each product can be tagged against one or several suppliers, to make re-ordering a one touch experience. As soon as the order arrives, you can book in the delivery and update your stock.

As part of the stock tracking and order process, products can now be allocated a case size so that only the number of cases to be ordered needs to be entered rather than the individual selling units. Products can also be linked together via Master PLUs and recipe links. All helping to track stock usage.

Product Labels

It is now possible to configure and print shelf edge labels and stock labels for products straight from TouchOffice Web to your windows printer. There are a selection of templates available to choose from and paper sizes can be adjusted to get the perfect fit.

More Programming Options

There are now even more features on the till that can be configured through the TouchOffice Web service, allowing easy remote programming either live or on a schedule. Receipt details can now be changed, ideal for adding seasonal or promotional messages. The clerk settings have also been expanded so that clerks can be tailored at individual sites, making the whole process much easier to manage. All programming changes are tracked in an easy to read updates widget, allowing managers to view whether updates have reached each till yet, and to view any pending scheduled changes.


A major uplift adds customer programming and mangement of the till's loyalty schemes. All promotions and loyalty types can be managed through the web interface, along with the entire customer database. Easily check customer balance queries, and edit customer details. There are also reports to view transaction history and create invoices.



Throughout the year, the platform has expanded as the service and user base has grown. More horsepower and storage infrastructure has been added seamlessly. In addition to any physical gains, the entire code has been optimised for speedier response, and faster report loading. Many of the reports have also been updated for easier interpretation and analysis.

TouchOfficeWeb is a Cloud-based version of ICRTouch’s popular TouchOffice software. Any time, anywhere in the world, any number of users have access to live and archive sales data and via a computer, tablet, smartphone and more. TouchOffice Web connects with ICRTouch’s flagship reliable and proven TouchPoint till software. TouchPoint has been developed over 15 years and (thanks to annual software upgrades) it remains cutting edge.

TouchOffice Web is a brilliant tool for any size of business, from a single till, to 10 tills in three branches, to 10,000 tills in 3000 branches… get the idea? For larger businesses, reports can be collated and displayed at either branch or head office level.

TouchOffice Web allows you to remotely view live sales and employee data. Plus, it’s not all about the now. TouchOffice Web can access and show historical data too.

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