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TouchReservation - Helping Hospitality Manage Bookings

Get ready for re-opening with TouchReservation

With hospitality re-opening from 2nd December, businesses will need to maximise their limited capacity bookings. Take the hassle out of organising and planning your tables with TouchReservation. This software allows businesses to keep on top of their bookings by managing it all for them. TouchReservation won't allocate that tiny table in the corner to a party of six, It automatically allocates tables based on the number of guests.

Manage table bookings easily and on the go

Plus, you're never closed with TouchReservtion, customers can make bookings around the clock, from anywhere and on any device. Businesses are also able to customise their TouchReservation to match their website branding, giving it a professional look and feel.

TouchReservation now links with the ByTable solution so you can explore the menu whilst booking your table.