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Awesome software by the way, this customer is really picky over how a till should work and so far I've been able to find a solution for everything they've challenged me with.

They've thrown out 3 other systems (from other dealers) over the years because they had some failings or features missing that they wanted. But they're really enjoying getting ICRTouch working how they want it to!

Posted on the support forum by Steve Gibbon - Owner, abiTECH Solutions

PocketTouch for Android now available!

We're excited to announce that we've just released an Android version of our popular PocketTouch wireless waitressing application.  The decision to bring PocketTouch to the Android platform has been driven by the massive influx of low cost Android tablets that are now available affording much more choice to the end user; we've already bought in and tested it on some of the latest devices such as the Nexus 7 and HP's new Slate 7.

Some of the history of PocketTouch

PocketTouch was first released back in 2002 running initially on the Casio BE300 which was using a cut down version of Windows CE 3.0 and as such ICRTouch were one of the first touch screen epos suppliers to have wireless waitressing products under their belt as a result many of our unique features have appeared in competitors' products over the years as they've come on to the marketplace. 

In 2008 PocketTouch was completely redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up to make better use of more modern technology and hardware and also to put in practice many of the things that we had learnt from the previous 6 years of our product; removing stuff that didn't work all that brilliant and improving/enhancing the things that were good to make them great.  From this version we massively improved hardware compatibility and so it is fully compatible with all Windows Embedded devices.  To this end we feel that PocketTouch is one of the best hand held waitressing terminals available on the market place.

A spin off from the recent Android development is that it has also encouraged our team to focus more attention on Android and IOS so look out for some of our forthcoming releases that will help enhance your business.