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When offered the change to ICRtouch I decided to go with it. The cost of this exercise was inexpensive as the hardware was fully compatible with ICRtouch. I have also added a hand held device on a tablet which we use to take orders at the table. This has meant greater efficiency to use as we only have two terminals. All in all the move has been very positive

Frederic Lambert - La Pesa Trattoria Italian Restaurant (Sydney, Australia)

USD EPoS adds support for ICRTouch to ePOS Office

ePOS Office from USD EPOS, a name more traditionally associated with Uniwell EPoS Systems, is a proven POS Management, Sales Reporting and Stock Management software suite which has now been extended to include an interface to the ICRTouch TouchPoint EPoS Terminal.

The latest version of ePOS Office now supports ICRTouch Keyboard Management and includes support for importing your own skin. In addition this release includes a new deposit management module that allows users to record advance deposits and reconcile them on the day of use. A new weekly business summary allows users to keep a track of all revenue and banking.

If you would like some further information about ePOS Office and the ICRTouch interface then please visit their web site at or email – They will more than happily provide you with a demo copy of their software for you to review.

In addition their new head office management system, ePOS Central, is expected to be released in April and will allow users to manage a number of ePOS Offices from a central location complete with central control of the ICRTouch EPoS Terminal’s keyboard.