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Multiple New Software Releases From ICRTouch

TouchOffice Web Plus

TouchOffice Web is getting even better with the advanced features being introduced for the introduction of TouchOffice Web Plus.

Features include:

  • Integration with TouchStock - perform stock takes, book in deliveries and manage shelf labels. Monitoring and controlling your stock levels has never been easier.
  • Easily create vouchers across branches for promotions and offers, from 'buy one get one free', to '10% off' from anywhere.
  • TouchOffice Web Plus enables integration with various 3rd party software such as EG Fourth and S4 Labour.

Xero allows you to see up-to-date financials via the web. It's small business accounting software that's simple and smart.

Xero includes features such as fast bank reconciliation, inventory, easy invoicing, payroll, purchase orders but most importantly, integration with TouchOffice Web Plus.

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CollectionPoint Remote

The all new CollectionPoint remote allows you to control your CollectionPoint display from a handheld device (Android or Windows).

CollectionPoint remote allows for collected orders to be cleared from the CollectionPoint display at the tap of the button. CollectionPoint Remote also has the ability to re-notify customers of their order status, particularly handy if a customer has failed to collect their order.

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TouchStock Android

TouchStock is now available for use on Android devices and links directly to TouchOffice Web Plus, updating your stock levels as you scan.

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