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"I don't have that problem as we only sell ICRTouch EPoS Systems, If I can't do it with ICRTouch I just walk away.

Can't think when the last time I walked away smiley"

Dave, Pos E-Vision

May saw the 3rd consecutive month ICRTouch shipped over 1,000 installs

ICRTouch has historically seen March as it's top-selling month and seasonal peak, as businesses are looking to streamline their operations by installing ICRTouch software to maximise their profits through the busy summer months. This year, it was no surprise to see record sales being achieved once again in March 2017 with almost 1,300 installs. 

Remarkably, sales have maintained at this level for three consecutive months, with ICRTouch shipping well over 1,000 installs consecutively.

Continued investment in all parts of the business has helped maintain the momentum generated over the previous years.

With this momentum ICRTouch have seen its most successful first quarter ever, as licence sales have been up by approximately 20% this year to date (as evident in the video below.)

On 7th June ICRTouch's TouchOffice Web reached past £3,000,000,000.00 of recorded sales from connected TouchPoint tills around the globe. 


We have also seen ICRTouch upscale its head office to a modern 1000m² purpose-built building. The ICRTouch product suite continues evolve into an unrivalled EPoS ecosystem with advancements to products such as TouchKitchen and TouchStock. 

ICRTouch is continuing to ride their wave of success with total installs being up 20% through 2015, 2016 and now 2017 around the board and an average of around 1,000 monthly installs. With recent success it is quite clear that the company is continuing its monumental growth and setting the standard for EPoS systems as the industry evolves.