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2.3 Million Sales In Just 30 Days!

Record breaking month for mobile ordering app - ByTable

ByTable has seen a record breaking month with a staggering 2.3 million sales processed through the app in just 30 days, with a value of over £40 million!

Long summer days and Brits not being able to get abroad, staycations and going down the pub with friends were a must. May bank holiday was the busiest weekend for ByTable, on record!

Tuesday 29th June, was a big day for the nation's football fans as England played Germany in the Euros Championship. As we were gearing up towards the game we saw a huge peak in sales on ByTable, similar to those of a busy Saturday night. The self-ordering software steadily reached its peak just before kick off at 5pm, the software processed 80,000 complete orders, with around 500 sales per minute averaging at 7 orders per second.

Throughout the month of June, there were a total of 124,000 app downloads to end-user iOS devices and Android devices. In just 6 months of trading, an impressive total of 700,000 apps have been downloaded to end-user devices.

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