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300 Apps Deployed by ICRTouch

Successful year at ICRTouch for deploying ByTable/TouchTakeaway Apps

Since the first national lockdown back in March 2020, the ICRTouch team has been busy developing their ByTable/TouchTakeaway App. This piece of software was deployed in June 2020 and has enabled businesses to continue trading under the ever-changing circumstances due to COVID-19.

In just 7 months from when the first app was launched, ICRTouch has recently hit a large milestone of 300 deployed apps. To put this into perspective, there have been roughly 162,000 IOS downloads and 90,000 Android downloads to end-user devices.

These numbers continue to have daily increases, ICRTouch is hoping to have another successful year deploying apps for their customers.

300 Apps artwork1 05 ICRTouch apps on the Google Play store
300 Apps artwork1 Apps Storejpg 04 ICRTouch apps on the IOS App Store