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Amici rewards its customers with spend based loyalty

Amici Restaurant

The Customer

With three restaurants, Amici provides fresh, authentic and tasty Italian food to the residents of Kennington, South London.

The Challenge

Houman, the restaurant owner, wanted a way to reward his loyal customers based on how much they spent in his restaurants and to do so in a more exciting way than with a typical paper or plastic loyalty card.  A mobile App could let Houman reward his customers without forcing them to carry yet another loyalty card. The challenge was how to link the amount the customer spent with the App and make the whole experience fun for customers and easy for staff.

The Solution & Results

Movanta worked closely with ICRTouch, creators of the TouchPoint POS software used in Amici’s restaurants to build an Amici App with a loyalty card fit for the mobile era.  Each receipt has a unique code that is linked to the customer’s bill.  The customer uses their app to scan the code and collect points based on their spend. When the heart is full the customer earns a free bottle of wine.  With the app and the CMS from Movanta, Houman can now easily keep in touch with customers based on how often they visit and what they buy. Regulars can be contacted about upcoming special events or when tables are available.  Customers who are close to a reward can be reminded to pop in. And customers who like particular dishes can be alerted when the chef’s specials are a perfect match to their taste.

About Movanta

Movanta helps retailers and restaurants of all sizes grow sales by increasing customer loyalty using mobile.  We build beautiful and engaging mobile apps that link with an easy to use website. You get control over when and how you use the app to connect with your customers, to create more reasons for them to visit. Your customers get the inside track on what’s new and a loyalty card that sits on their phone.

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