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Case Study

The Oaklands Hotel - PanaEpos

About the Oaklands Hotel

The Oaklands Bar, Hotel, Restaurant and Farm Shop, Blofield Farm Shop, The Butcher Bhoy Bar and Restaurant and The Bay - East Hills Cafe and Seafood Restaurant.

A combination of Hospitality and Retail throughout Norfolk offering a unique dining, social and overnight stay experience. Aimed at a range of ages depending on the venue but generally, we focus our offering on customers who enjoy the quality, ethically sourced product in a relaxed and comfortable surrounding.

The Oak Hotel has quickly expanded over the last few years to offer a unique restaurant, wedding venue and al fresco dining experience. The venue is now a popular destination venue in Norwich. Marcus the owner has been featured in the local press several times for his generosity to key workers and other members of the public during the pandemic, offering free meals and boarding for the night.

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The Challenge:

The business was expanding at an incredible rate and they needed a company to take ownership of the IT.

  • To bring all areas of the business reporting under one roof
  • To create a 'copy and paste' setup that can be adapted to each venue
  • To have a one port of call for all hospitality and retail IT related issues
  • To create a fully integrated IT setup across all areas of the business ranging from EPOS, CCTV, WiFi, Hotel Posting, Networking, Payments and Remote ordering Apps all talking to each other seamlessly.
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The Solution:

After exploring the market, Oaklands chose to use us because we had a pool of experienced IT engineers who know each of our products thoroughly. We didn't just offer EPOS we offered the whole range, plus centred around ICRTouch, we were able to create a network of solutions that all went together. The Hotel Posting (Rezlynx) links to ICRTouch which links to payment provider PaymentSense, TouchTakeaway, ByTable, HikVision CCTV, CAS Barcode Scales which all sits on a Ubiquiti Network with a public and staff WiFi throughout the venue with the ability for us to have remote maintenance and diagnoses.

Other providers were looked at but their support had a poor reputation, their hardware was cheap and offered nowhere near the same level of software as ICRTouch.

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The Result:

Throughout the pandemic the business has relied heavily on ICRTouch to help them adapt to new rules, for instance, ByTable, TouchTakeaway and PocketTouch are all recent additions to their EPOS Solution. The consolidated back office solution has reduced the need to employ additional clerical staff to manage the business behind the scenes. The ease of use has made it easy to train staff to maintain the program themselves.

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Solution Feedback:

The solution has made a safer environment for the staff during reopening after the first lockdown, using the likes of PocketTouch on Orderman Handhelds and ByTable.

The back office simplistic setup makes it easy to pull reports for management and quickly add/remove/amend products.

Quicker and more efficient service using ByTable and PocketTouch. Ease of charging to a room through the hotel posting system.

Added ability to order through click and collect

A supermarket-style purchase process in the food halls through the use of the barcoded scales

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Future Plans:

Sights are on other restaurants with one under development currently. The aim will be to use TouchReservation here.

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