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Case Study

Moguls Alpine Bar and pop-up Ice SKATE decked with TouchPoint rentals by County EPoS

The Customer - Moguls Alpine Bar

Whether you're a figure skating champion, a total newbie or just about anything in between, you can be sure to find some festive euphoria on the surface of Ice SKATE's real, genuine ice. The rink is held within the canopies of Bournemouth's Lower Gardens, which have been magically brought to life for the Christmas season.

Within the pop up event is Moguls Alpine Bar allowing skaters to simmer down with aromatic mulled wine or a steamy hot chocolate topped with creamy marshmallow.

The Challenge

Moguls Alpine Bar and Ice SKATE ice rink needed all the features you would expect from a full till, with various payment methods such as contactless and cash to keep the queues moving. Due to the temporary nature of the pop-up venue, Mogul's needed a solution that was a good fit with their seasonal business and didn't stretch their budget. Remote control over the EPoS system and accurate, informative sales information was required to make the most from the short season.

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The Solution

Temporary ICRTouch TouchPoint rental licences were installed onto Windows tablets to provide a full-featured, low-cost solution. TouchPoint allowed the cash drawers to be fired using the USB connection on the tablets. The setup was installed by local, professional ICRTouch engineers, County EPoS who have over 30 years experience installing EPoS systems across the south, UK. The tills were networked through (but not reliant on) the venue's WiFi connection allowing for sales to be processed through to cloud based back office software TouchOffice Web.

With its real-time polling, real-time sales and staff information and drill down capability, it allowed Moguls to analyse insights immediately and react on the fly.

EFT terminals were also setup which allowed for card and contactless payments.

Did you know? Over 81% of TouchPoint installs choose to take out a TouchOffice Web subscription.

Hardware comprised of:

• Windows Tablets - with TouchPoint rental licences installed
• Thermal printer
• Cash drawers
• Credit card terminals

County EPOS have kept a large customer database over their 30 year history. They attribute this through exceptional support, whether on-site or by telephone, day and night. County EPoS constantly look to adapt and make support easier for their customers, providing an extensive range of manuals, help files and software updates.

To find out more about Ice SKATE and Moguls Alpine Bar see their website.

Moguls Alpine Bar