Fur Feather
Case Study

Fur & Feather - Nexserve Ltd.

The Customer - Fur & Feather

Fur and Feather Feed Supplies/Cloth and Leather Equestrian Supplies

Fur and Feather supply feed and equipment to the equestrian, farm and pet sector. They also supply prescription medicines to the equine, Avian and small animal sector.

They are able to advise on animal health matters. They operate a computer controlled inventory system and are able to supply most items off the shelf or within a couple of days for non stocked items.

The Challenge

Fur & Feather came to Nexserve looking to update their existing EPoS system,

wanted a system that would assist in stock control, purchasing and sales. The system had to be easy to use whilst meeting fairly complex stock control requirements. It was imperative that we could transfer the data from our existing system, as it had been built up over a couple of years and re-inputting the data would have been prohibitive."

Fur & Feather had the following requirements from a new system:

1) Transfer of data from their existing system
2) Ease of use
3) Computerised stock control
4) Details of purchase requirements by supplier
5) Financial controls (daily, weekly sales etc.)
6) Robust equipment

The Solution

ICRTouch Partner, Nexserve Ltd. provided the solution for Fur and Feather,

"They have been one of our long standing till customers. ICRTouch has all the functionality that their previous system had plus more.

The customer had become wary that their hardware was dated and were concerned as to ongoing reliability. Especially as they were fanned units and the type of product sold creates a lot of fine dust which was getting sucked into the tills and also stuck around the bezel of the screen requiring constant cleaning in order to keep the touch sensitive."

The customer opted for 2 fanless bezel free tills with 2 line customer displays running ICRTouch TouchPoint.


They decided to reuse their existing cash drawers, printers and barcode scanners (one bluetooth, one USB). With a single Paymentsense Integrated EFT solution shared between both tills.

Fur and Feather also opted for TouchOffice Web back office software that gave them the stock management that they needed.

Nexserve Ltd. Explain The Results

"Customer serving time has been at least halved. With faster scan to register product time and integrated chip & pin means customers are served more efficiently reducing queue times.

The ability to manage and update TouchOffice Web from office or home means that changes can be implemented simply and quickly.

TouchOffice Web reports are instant, previously reports were taking up to 4 hours to run monthly or product reports."

How else has TouchPoint Improved Service?

Nexserve continue, "Barcode scanning is dramatically faster and more reliable.

With the use of TouchPoint's predictive search and product buttons, non barcoded items are easier to find. This means the staff can spend more time helping their customer.

They no longer require a keyboard and mouse at the counter giving more serving space.

Duplicate receipts can be reprinted easily.

The price enquire function allows for a price check without having to ring an item into the till.

Integrated Chip & Pin means there are no manual entry errors when processing card payments."

"Significantly Faster" Reporting

TouchOffice Web gives management control over their business, including stock management and historical reporting.

Nexserve explain the benefits, "Stock taking, orders and deliveries are easier to manage and provide more useful and significantly faster generating reports meaning it is easier to identify items selling well or poorly.

The profit reports means that they can easily see how well they are doing and amend product prices as required.

Administrative time has been at least halved as it is easier to see what is selling, what the stock levels are and which suppliers have outstanding orders placed and are awaiting delivery."


Should the power fail, TouchPoint doesn't loose any sales information and if the internet disconnects, TouchPoint can still make sales. Once the internet connection returns, the sales information will be sent to TouchOffice Web.

"It has given peace of mind to our customer", Nexserve explain, "They no longer have to worry about whether their tills are going to stop working, or if the PC acting as a server will be on in the morning. They know that support is at the end of the phone at all times and that all their requests or issues have been dealt with in a fast and efficient manner.

The new system has meant that they are able to spend more time with their customers, more time to up sell and less time behind a till looking at a screen to ensure items have been rung in.

With the addition of customer displays the customer is kept informed of product prices and the total instead of asking the prices of items as and when they are rung through the till."

Future Plans

Fur & Feather recently moved into their new premises, they are now looking towards an e-commerce website. ICRTouch integrates with numerous types of webshop, so sales that are made online are consolidated into a single report on the till, this would also ensure their stock management is maintained.