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Case Study

Portlands 24/7 Supermarket

A wider range of quality merchandise

Portlands supermarket have 10 branches across London and pride themselves in delivering great customer service. Their stores are open 24/7 giving their customers the flexibility to shop at their convenience.

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20 TouchPoint Tills

The nature of Portlands operating at all hours meant they required ongoing local support through the night shift.

Mr Naren contacted ICRTouch Partner, Tillmax, who cover London and can also provide local 24/7 technical support across the city.

ICRTouch TouchPoint was installed on twenty tills, each connected to a TouchOffice Web+ account, along with TouchStock.

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Reducing Theft

Long shifts at quiet times of the night allow opportunities for theft and fraud to present themselves more easily.

Fortunately the ICRTouch till system provides tools to deter and monitor misuse of funds and assets across the entire business.

Unique staff sign on numbers ensure the tills can only be operated once a clerk is signed on.

TouchPoint was linked with Portland's CCTV system. This enables Portlands to investigate all staff activity on the till while examining CCTV footage.

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Back Office Management

Mr Naran needed TouchOffice Web, a central online back office system so that he could manage all ten branches and Portland's extensive product range. It is great to check how each store is doing without being onsite, and he can quickly get an overview of his entire business.

It enables Mr Naren to view and monitor reports to identify which products are selling and at what price point. It also brings to light which products aren't selling so well, so that Portlands can plan their reordering of stock accordingly.

Promotions and offers can be set across the the entire Portlands group, updating digital signage throughout the stores, saving admin time and customers are always updated with the latest offers.

The ICRTouch software is easy to use and easy to train staff. Having the new system improved every aspect of our business from serving customers to managerial functions.

Mr Naren - Manager, Portlands
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Stock Management

All areas of managing each shop's inventory has been streamlined, saving hours in admin. The handheld stock taking device, TouchStock, lets staff scan and count stock items quickly and accurately. At the end, the tally is automatically sent to TouchOffice Web+. No duplicating, copying or manual entering.

Deliveries have also been made a breeze. If a customer needs help in the middle of a stock take, it is easy to stop and pick up again later, allowing for more time with their customers.

Wastages are scanned each day to update stock levels.

The entire system was installed by Tillmax within two days across all ten stores. Mr Naren was very impressed with Portlands' new EPoS system and found it to be easy to use and operate.

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