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The Cavern Club Liverpool - Epos Ready

About The Cavern Club

The World Famous Cavern Club is the cradle of British Pop Music. The place where The Beatles musical identity was formed.

Today’s Cavern is a thriving live music destination and one of Liverpool’s top tourist attractions. The three venues – the Cavern Club, Cavern Live Lounge and the Cavern Pub – showcase not only the incredible legacy of The Beatles, but also new up and coming bands and established artists.

Known all over the world and one of the UK's most renowned venues, this is a fans favourite for any music lover. Having been made famous by The Beatles the Cavern Club has hosted some of the world's top performing artists. 60 years after its foundation, it survives and thrives as a contemporary music venue.

Any lover of music from the years with a big focus on the 60's genre and of course The Beatles.

Resident bands and artists play the venue daily and every year at Beatle Week which celebrates over 30 years of the fab fours influence. Over 70 bands from 20 countries join in the festivities and perform at The Cavern Club.

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The Challenge

We had an Epos Solution in place for a number of years but this did not provide crucial functionality that as a high turnover business was necessary for us to move to the next level. We needed a cloud based back office so we could maintain stock management on a day to day basis and the ability to update products/prices in real-time. This was the basis for choosing Epos Ready and the range of ICR Software Solutions.

To source an Epos provider that could provide support/service 7 days a week and late in the evening as we close as late as 2am 4 night a week and to provide us with accurate information.

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The Solution

We looked at a local competitor so we could consider two solutions against each other however we felt Epos Ready listened to our requirements and delivered everything when we saw a demonstration of the solution.

The software provides fantastic reporting, a detailed stock system which enables us to task our in-house managers with completing their own stocks and providing Head Office with real-time information on how our businesses are performing.

Another important factor was the planned roll out and installation which was conducted over both sites from 6am so as not to impact on any of our business trading as we open each day at 10am.

7 x 15" Epos Terminals

7 x Thermal Printers

7 x Cash Drawers,

ICRTouch Point Software

ICRTouch Office Web

This is provided across The Cavern Club and The Cavern Pub.

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The Result

It wasn't one of the requirements initially however having the ability for staff to use the clocking in/out functionality and that we can export the time & attendance reporting has proved invaluable to controlling labour spend across both venues.

Solution Feedback

We have had greater control of running inhouse tabs for the Directors as these can easily be stored on the Epos and then charged to the relevant account once they are closed off. This has helped us massively control stock and wastage.

On a day to day basis, it has enabled staff in both sites to serve our customers quickly, efficiently and professionally.

Managers at each site have had greater control over increasing bottom line profits due to maximising the usage of the stock system and implementing clocking in/out through the till software and cloud back office.

Managers at each site have had greater control over increasing bottom line profits due to maximising the usage of the stock system and implementing clocking in/out through the till software and cloud back office.

Price changes, product additions, stock deliveries and stock transfers between sites can be done in a matter of seconds. The system we had before was heavily reliant on Head Office needing to update changes which was time consuming and long winded. Epos Ready changed all of this with the ICR Solution and now means managers have autonomy and can be more proactive as less reliant on Head Office.

The system is so quick to update with stock means we can maximise sales and ensure customers can purchase key items within our merchandising section.

A large percentage of The Cavern Club's visitors are city visitors and tourists so maintaining a full selection of the merchandising is key to upselling and providing a better level of service.

Future Plans

We are considering the potential of moving into a more bespoke table style service so the possibility of implementing At Table Ordering and/or Handheld Ordering is something that is being considered for the future. Epos Ready keep us abreast of software options available for us to consider.


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