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Edwards Plaice SelfService Kiosk - Tillmax

Edwards Plaice SelfService Kiosk - Tillmax

Edwards Plaice is an award-winning, family-run Fish and Chip Shop located on Grandstand Road in Hereford. The shop may be small in size, but it’s extremely popular with its loyal customers.

The shop already has two tills supplied by Tillmax, with a TouchTakeaway webshop integrated. They recently also installed SelfService Kiosks into the shop to help reduce the waiting times when the shop is at its busiest.

We caught up with Dan from Tillmax to find out more about the recent install.

The Challenge:

“One of the biggest requirements of the install was to help Edwards Plaice overcome issues with overcrowding in the shop and to speed up the ordering process.”

The Solution:

“We supplied Edwards Plaice with a portable kiosk on a stand; this way they can reposition the kiosk to help manage the flow of customers. When it’s a clear day, the owner moves the kiosk outside the shop which connects to a wifi hotspot we set up that allows them to move the kiosk where they want and still be connected. This enables customers to place orders outside and away from the counter. We set up the kiosk with 2 options, 1) for customers to be able to pre-order which means passers-by can order and then come back for collection and 2) to order right away and wait.

Since many customers like the option to place orders from the SelfService kiosk, this frees up the staff who would have been taking orders at the till to get on with other jobs like preparing online orders that come through TouchTakeaway.”

Future Plans:

“The owner of Edwards Plaice is looking to do a renovation of the shop, hopefully, this summer. We have already finalised 4 x TouchKitchen systems, which will be connected to both TouchMenu and CollectionPoint.

Just Eat and Deliveroo is something we are working to integrate, as this will significantly help streamline online orders too.

Testimonial from Joel Edwards, owner of Edwards Plaice

“Tillmax collaborated really well with us; they took on all our feedback and got on with the job, were always quick to respond and always really helpful.

The design aspect of the software is really good, we particularly like the category images that go across the screen. The integration is great, and it’s easy for our customers to use the kiosk as this reflects the software that we have on our online TouchTakeaway webshop.

From a front of house point of view, serving the customer at the till usually takes about 50% of their time, so straight away, we have seen how the kiosk has sped up the process.

From a logistical point of view, it’s great to see what orders are coming in, especially with pre-orders. We have noticed an increase in footfall after using the solution more regularly, this is due to being able to serve customers quicker. They don’t see a huge queue out the door which would have put them off from ordering before.”