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Case Study

Exeter FC - ICRTouch installed at St James Park - DWC Services

The Customer

Exeter City Football Club is a professional association football club based in Exeter, Devon, England, playing in League Two.

Exeter City FC has been an ICRTouch customer since 2009 with existing TouchPoint tills throughout St James Park, a 8,696 capacity stadium.

In November 2018 they opened the new Stagecoach Adam Stansfield stand which needed an additional till system.

The Challenge

Exeter FC needed a more up to date EPoS system to cover both new and existing stands so that they could integrate card payments.

The club's hope was to speed up transactions during intermissions and reduce the risk of manual input errors.

DWC Services visited the stadium to survey the current system, each TouchPoint terminal, its OS, and the various hardware it had attached such as the cash drawers and printers.

Due to the heavily crowded bars at intermissions, the setup needed to be sleek and minimalistic in size.

The Solution

The solution installed consisted of 10 x TouchPoint terminals and 1 x handheld TouchPoint terminal on the bars throughout Exeter FC, all with and Paymentsense EFT terminals connected with Retail mode.

Daniel Curtis of DWC Services explains the upgrade process, “We were able to cut down on the quote and save them money by using most of their drawers and printers, and even update their existing TouchPoint licenses to the new OKPos Optimus terminals we were to install.”

The Terminal and PED were mounted on a SpacePole kit and the cash drawer mounted underneath to save space. PED SpacePoles were also added to all the other bars to keep the install tidy and neat throughout.


“The OKPos was the best choice as it had served our needs so well in the past few years on installs, and has yet to give us any issues.” Dan continues, “The fact that it could be removed from its mount and mounted on a pole or wall bracket was a bonus.”

Every TouchPoint licence was upgraded to the 2019 version, enabling full integration to Paymentsense, and TouchOffice Web, with the possibility of integrating with TouchLoyalty in future.

TouchOffice Web allows managers of Exeter FC to keep an eye on stock through the various locations and provide easy re-ordering with suppliers as well as keeping an eye on sales figures in real time during a game.

TouchLoyalty enables fans of the football club to enjoy exclusive benefits to maximise their spend with the team and encourage loyalty. Exeter FC would be able to run promotions such as season ticket holder discounts and points/rewards schemes.

Dan proudly boasts, “We were really impressed with how well the install came together and how it looks. You wouldn’t believe it was only 10 days between order acceptance and first game of the season. It all came together nicely though.”

The club has already commented on how it has benefitted from their ICRTouch with Paymentsense install, from a considerable drop in mistakes and over/under rings, to being able to see much more clearly the spend of the clubs Hospitality account customers, and market to them.