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Beadnell Towers

At the heart of an old coastal village, Beadnell Towers is a centuries old building, with a modern stamp of comfort and ease, blended with timeless Northumbrian hospitality.

The hotel is a historic, Grade II listed building, dating back to the 18th century. It has been and remains at the heart of the community of this Northumbrian coastal village for more than two centuries.

A sympathetic refurbishment of the building in 2019 aimed to keep as much of the character of the building as possible, whilst at the same time offering a boutique feel, home comforts, a touch of elegance and a splash of style. Each of the 18 rooms are as individual as the rest, part of a living, historic building and as such no two are the same in size, shape or features.

The Challenge

Beadnell Towers needed a new EPoS system installed after their £3 million refurbishment. They were recommended to Newcastle Till Company by one of their existing clients and fellow living north accommodation of the year 2019 award nominee The Cookie Jar in Alnwick.

They wanted an EPOS system that was easy to operate so that their staff could learn the new program quickly and operate the till confidently during service.

As an 18 bedroom hotel with a large bar & restaurant they carry a lot of stock, so they wanted the ability to perform stock takes.

They also wanted integrated financial reporting for their restaurant and bar so that they would have a better understanding of what their best sellers were and ensure they were able to be more accurate with their stock ordering.

The Solution

After researching the market, Beadnell Towers chose Newcastle Tills to supply and install their EPoS system.

Beadnell Towers explained why they chose Newcastle Tills, "The decision was based upon service, responsiveness and adaptability alongside a competitive sales package."

The Installation consisted of

- 2x Sam4s 4856 touchscreen terminals running ICRTouch TouchPoint

- 2x Tablets running ICRTouch PocketTouch

- ICRTouch TouchOfficeWeb cloud based business management and back office.

- Their existing Property Management System, High Level Software, was integrated into the ICRTouch solution so that all sales reports were centralised.

Beadnell Tills
The Result

The software has allowed for rigorous control of stock, Beadnell Towers can now schedule stock orders based on projections from historical sales data and easily keep track of their ins & outs.

As well as this, TouchPoint and PocketTouch keep the waiting staff informed of stock levels so they know when items are off the menu and can inform the customer at the point of sale.

The visual table planning on the TouchPoint till enables fast application of guest accounts/invoices.

Solution Feedback

Beadnell Towers explain the benefits of their new system,

"We believe that the system could still outperform our expectations and look forward to adapting our methods as this business expands and diversifies.

The provision of stock auditing has been a welcome reporting function that the business relies upon.

The ease of use has certainly affected the speed in which customers are looked after."

Future Plans

Beadnell Towers reveal, "We look forward to adopting a Stock and Order system, which will further assist us in the efficient management of our business."


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