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Jersey War Tunnels Ticketing System - CheckOut Jersey

CheckOut Jersey Describes Current Solution Before ICRTouch

As a PoS company, we were really quite excited about being able to offer the Ticketing System on the island(s), in fact so much so that we had pretty much sold the idea and agreed to install before any beta or official release date had been given, other than maybe in the New Year.

Prior to ICRTouch, the Jersey War Tunnels used a system supplied by ourselves, MiniPOS/Retail Director. Whilst this worked it was site based, so the back office was on a PC and the Cafe & Tunnel systems were totally separate, scanners were used for the Event Brite Tickets which didn’t work that well. Reporting across three systems proved difficult and time consuming which meant more work for everybody and inaccurate reporting.

There are a number of things left to do, we have ByTable to install for the Cafe, we need to look at the website and how the ticket sales are presented to the end user.

On the whole, we are very impressed with the system and extremely grateful to ICRTouch for a.) giving us the chance to install and trial this system and b.) for putting in all the hard work when we really needed it, I know it was tough with everything else going on. So thanks.

The Challenge:

Offering a 5* service which requires 5* technology to compliment the team. The till system was dated and underperforming in every way ICRTouch have offered us a much broader platform in which we can tie online ticket sales, to food outlet sales as well as on site ticket sales for the attraction. We are after a seamless system for ticketing, to make us as efficient as possible while maximising the efficiency of the team. Offering the best customer service with the technology to match.

The Solution:

We looked at a few options but ICRTouch offered us everything we wanted and more. We were one of the first companies who required online ticketing and ICRTouch have offered us something we never had, a seamless transition from our website to entrance allowing us to view live online sales while being able to make on the spot live price changes if required.

The Result:

The main objectives have been met, however, there are still areas we need to learn more about with regards to the ICRTouch platform as there is so much it can do.

It has allowed us to project income revenues with more accuracy. We are able to have a live view on product performance and adjust where required.

Solution Feedback:

Its been a learning curve but we are able to control visitor entry numbers especially with COVID and having been limited to the volume of people being allowed in the complex.

We are able to view live sales for each till and online. The system also allows us to input stock suppliers and easily manage stock levels. The other added benefit is we can also control customer account credit limits.

On the customer/visitor side there probably hasn’t been much of a change except in the way they interface with the booking platform. It’s a seamless transition between our website and the booking engine.


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