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Pop-up…It’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas…

The cold nights and crisp mornings are starting to roll in for this festive season, and what a wonderful time to celebrate, or snuggle up around an open fire with some mulled wine.

But with Yuletide spend hitting almost £78bn in 2017, are you missing out on an opportunity to make extra profit? Have you thought about a Bavarian/Winter Wonderland style venture in a garden or car park for the festive season?

In recent years the hospitality industry has seen a huge increase in Winter Wonderland/Bavarian themed beer gardens and even converted car parks. As the winter months arrive hospitality venue owners look outside to a bleak empty space where a few months previously it was lively, sunny and packed.

This venture will provide an opportunity for additional heavy footfall and exposure for many small/medium sized businesses or seasonal entrepreneurs. So why not consider a pop-up Bavarian Garden or Winter Wonderland to entice your regulars and new customers alike to come in and share the winter spirit.

Some things will be required to produce your wonderland; an outdoor area, logs and lots of them and some good Bier. You will also need an EPoS solution to run and manage your new winter season venture, this is important so that you can maximise your profits. Whether adding to your existing ICRTouch solution or renting a full solution for the duration of your wonderland, ICRTouch will be a perfect fit for your requirements.

A typical rental EPoS setup consisting of 2 x TouchPoint tills, 2 x PocketTouch handheld waiting pads and a TouchOffice Web could cost as little as £250 for the 2 month period.

The easy to use front of house TouchPoint till system comes with loyalty features as standard to keep visitors coming back throughout the season. TouchPoint does not rely on the internet to make sales, so you can trade without a hiccup. Designed to be intuitive, staff require minimal training to operate the till and begin making sales. All clerk activity is recorded in an audit trail so you can investigate mishaps and deter fraud.

Partner this with our cloud-based back-office management tool TouchOffice Web to maximise sales your and streamline costs. Control stock, monitor staff and adjust prices and promotions at any time.

If you are planning a hospitality venture you can also add handheld ordering pads running PocketTouch for excellent table service, which will go down as nicely as the Bavarian beer.

So go forth this season and make this winter wonderful with ICRTouch. Please contact a local ICRTouch Authorised Partner to find out more.

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