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ETAL Coding Competition

What is ETAL coding?

To enable bespoke customisation, the TouchPoint till has a unique scripting engine called ETAL; it is a fantastic language which allows ICRTouch Partners to build in custom features for our users.

Why does ETAL give ICRTouch the edge

ETAL is the magic ingredient to the TouchPoint till. It enables our Authorised Partners to provide features that are bespoke to each customer and the way they operate. Throughout the years of continual development to our EPoS system, we have found that businesses can operate in many different ways.

While TouchPoint's inbuilt features can cater to any business, the ETAL scripting engine gives the till the flexibility to perform the day-to-day nuances of real world business.

Whether it is a unique button function, delivery driver management, a clothing ticket, emailed receipts, or your exclusive idea an ETAL script can make your way of doing things possible.

The Partner Network

ICRTouch EPoS systems are provided by the Authorised Partner Network. Local and independent businesses who sell, install and support our products all over the globe with a personal touch.

These companies are highly trained and include technical engineers who program ICRTouch tills onsite and provide a great support service for ICRTouch users.

The flexibility that ETAL provides Authorised Partners means that they can typically say yes to requests that other solutions providers cannot. Many of the Authorised Partners engineers have become ETAL experts in their own right.

Etal Example
The ETAL competition

To help encourage and show recognition of those scripting experts within the Authorised Partner Network, we thought it would be exciting to have our Partners compete for the honour of being the ETAL guru.

Over the last few months ICRTouch have been running an ETAL code competition; the technical minds of the EPoS industry battled it out to design the best ETAL script solution for TouchPoint.

Our winner was David Darlison from Weigh-Till


Etal Winner Weightill
Honourable mentions

Lee at CCM Epos

Chris at Langley Distribution