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What are EPoS Systems

What are Point of Sale systems?

EPoS Systems help you sell goods and services in exchange for payment, and provide the facility to keep track of money tendered in a fast and efficient way. Often a receipt would be printed, this could be in the form of an invoice or a Cash Register receipt.

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What are the different components?

A typical EPoS System consists of some form of computer which runs the EPoS Software (ICRTouch TouchPoint); this is the differentiator between this and an Electronic Cash Register, which is akin to an oversized calculator. Alternatively, they are often referred to as a till, terminal, PoS or ECR


A till system will usually have a Cash Drawer connected to it, which will open automatically at the end of a sale to allow you to store and retrieve cash and change.


You are likely to have a Receipt Printer to provide physical receipts for the sale for your customer, and this will either be directly connected to your till or via an IP network.

If your environment is such that you pre-order or sell prior to the goods being physically handed to the customer, then you may have a till that prints to a Kitchen Printer. This is typical in the hospitality industry, where you may order/pay for food or drink items and then these are prepared and delivered to the customer. When the order is put through the till, an additional receipt or ticket can be printed on the Kitchen Printer which will contain the details of the items that need to be prepared. The Kitchen Printer may be directly connected to the till, and could even be the same physical device as the Receipt Printer but typically will be located elsewhere either in a kitchen or warehouse area where the goods are prepared.

Businesses requirements may see the need for more than one terminal processing sales, which would normally need an IP Network to connect them together. The network allows the different till systems to communicate with each other during various parts of the sale, which is important for data integrity.


Some environments suit having additional portable devices for taking orders from customers, such as waiter pads like the ICRTouch PocketTouch. These devices will be connected via a wireless access point and allow for orders to be rung through remotely from the till for taking orders in outdoor seating areas or queue-busting.

Till Systems also connect to back-office systems such as ICRTouch TouchOffice Web to provide enhanced reporting and stock control functionality.

ICRTouch TouchPoint

At ICRTouch we realise that each business is different and with having approximately 100,000 installs spanning more than a decade we'd like to say that we've seen them all, but we certainly haven't! We realise that many pubs are more like restaurants, many restaurants like pubs, garden centres have cafes, as well as retail outlets and golf clubs, have members bars as well as pro shops; all would still like to use the same till system across the estate.

With an ICRTouch TouchPoint EPoS till system, this is all possible. ICRTouch stands out from the crowd of other EPoS software companies because our touchscreen till software is designed to be highly configurable, rather than concentrate on a single vertical market. This is achieved by having more than 1,500 configurable settings, and it is skinable which means that every on-screen component and dialog can have its position, look and way it operates altered. Every piece of on-screen or printed text can be altered to suit the needs of the business. It also comes packaged with our revolutionary event-driven scripting engine, Etal - this basically means that an ICRTouch TouchPoint till has the ability to run 3rd party generated software code from within itself.


PocketTouch is the professional paper-free way to take food and drinks orders. This revolutionary EpoS software for hand-held devices has been designed and developed specifically for the hospitality and catering industry. At the touch of a screen orders are recorded and processed straight to the heart of your kitchen from the waiting staff’s hand-held ordering device. In conjunction with a wireless credit card terminal, orders can be paid for at the table.

TouchOffice Web

TouchOffice Web is a Cloud-based version of ICRTouch’s popular TouchOffice EPoS back office software. With this powerful web-based system, any time, anywhere in the world, any number of users have access to live and archive sales data and video footage, via a computer, tablet, smartphone and more.

Where can you get your till system

Good Value EPoS systems such as ICRTouch's TouchPoint and her products can be obtained through the ICRTouch Reseller network.