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Summer Essentials - What do you need?

Summer season is here so to make sure you are prepared to handle the extra customers this year, we are looking at how the right mix of ICRTouch products can streamline your business and maximise your profits during peak season.

Outside Catering
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Food and drink order pads

Take food and drink orders at the table with PocketTouch. PocketTouch allows waiters to place orders from the table which are then sent straight to the TouchPoint till and straight to the kitchen. Avoid costly mistakes by eliminating the need for scruffy handwriting. PocketTouch also prompts staff to ask the important questions so that no details or sales opportunities are missed. PocketTouch also works on tablets with a secure radio connection, to ensure a stable and secure connection no matter where you are on the premises.

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Add further TouchPoint terminals

With the TouchPoint rental model you can easily add further terminals for those busy periods. This could be particularly useful for use on tablets running Windows, which could also be utilised as a spare PocketTouch or TouchKitchen if required.

Wireless Table Payments

ICRTouch offers wireless EFT solutions so that you can take payments at the table via a WiFi connection. Contactless payments are available to help you deal with customer transactions quickly, perfect for busy restaurants, cafe's, pubs and more.

Understand what is selling when and why

TouchOffice Web's powerful live sales reporting gives you instant access to your business' real-time sales data. TouchOffice Web shows historical trends and patterns that allow you to forecast your sales and plan ahead of time.

Keep track of your stock

During busy periods it may be difficult to optimise stock levels, never running out of stock while minimising wastage. TouchOffice Web allows you to accurately project when you need to reorder stock items and at what quantity so you have the best chance of maximising sales with minimal wastage.

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