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"The tills are easy to use and not obtrusive at all. They enable us to be more professional."

Christine Turner, Operations Manager at New Forest Hotels

Advanced stock control now available on TouchOffice Web

Advanced Stock Control

Building on the success of the already fully featured Stock Management functions in TouchOffice Enterprise, the latest update to ICRTouch's cloud-based back office software, TouchOffice Web introduces more advanced stock control, including management of orders and deliveries. 


Generate orders for specific suppliers using one of the simple automated ordering functions or create a product list from scratch including quantities and pricing. Print, email or create a PDF order to send to the supplier. 


When the delivery arrives, items can be checked and adjusted against the original order, and then TouchOffice Web will automatically update your current stock levels for you. When you receive an invoice from your supplier, your purchases can be adjusted with the final cost price to give you an accurate GP value. 

Nick Caines from long-term reseller HBM EPoS enthusiastically said, "We are really excited about the latest release of TouchOffice Web with the addition of Orders & Deliveries. Those clients still clinging on to their legacy PC based systems can now migrate to the cloud for all their Stock & Cash Management; in real time, from anywhere. The ability for businesses to access their stock information from web enabled device and allow multiple user access is huge. The opportunity for us to implement TOW across clients, old & new, has just been dramatically increased."



Head of Cloud Services Department, Matt Bailey describes the process of adding advanced stock, "When it came to adding a full stock solution to TouchOffice Web we decided early on that we wanted to produce a stock ordering system that was even more fluid and user friendly while trying to retain the powerful functionality offered in TouchOffice.

To get to where we are now took three complete development cycles each one evolving the best bits into the next. The plan is to continue this process, to evolve the Stock features much as we have with TouchOffice Web itself, taking on board the feedback we recieve from dealers and their customers to build a comprehensive stock ordering and management suite that will make TouchOffice Web even more of a must have product for businesses using TouchPoint as their EPOS system."

Mobile TouchOffice Web 

Access TouchOffice Web from any internet enabled device, anywhere in the world. The development of TouchOffice Web has culminated in a revolutionary mobile version with an easy to use interface, allowing the user to extrapilate and manage their data literally anywhere, at any time. 

Astronomical Success 

Less than two years since the inception of TouchOffice Web, the innovative cloud-based back office software has proven to be hugely successful, having processed sales transactions totalling approximately £400,000,000.00 and storing over 250Gb of data. 

This incredible feat, along with 36,000 visits to for the month of June 2015, shows just how popular TouchOffice Web has been with our resellers and customers thanks to the ease of set-up, reliability and the great depth of features that the web service offers.

With approximately 60,000 EPoS system licences in the UK, economies of scale allow ICRTouch to offer TouchOffice Web as a low-cost monthly service to its customers. 

TouchOffice Web is extremely versatile and caters for small companies with one branch and large national franchises with many branches, allowing authorised users at head office or branch levels to easily access their sales data from any location or device. The service provides accurate real-time reviewing in an easy-to-analyse graphical format, as well as providing traditional historical reporting.

To try TouchOffice Web yourself, feel free to login to our demo account online now at (user: demo , pass: demo)

Did you know: TouchOffice Web frequently recieves over 40,000 requests per hour to the IDC uploader!

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