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One comforting thing about dealing with ICR is, that any "sensible" feature requests are taken seriously and, your confident that it's going to arrive somewhen ! smiley

Mark, BS Systems

TouchPoint 2015 Release

TouchPoint 2015 We're thrilled to announce the release of the 2015 version of TouchPoint. Despite being a product that was first released in 1999, and probably the most feature rich and flexible EPoS software on the UK market, TouchPoint 2015 yet again sports more than 40 exciting new features over the previous 2014 version!

This year, we have concentrated on subtle tweaks and enhancements, that distance our EPoS software even further from the pack. TouchPoint 2015 enhances our rapidly expanding cloud-based services, including support for push notifications, meaning changes to TouchOffice Web instantly appear on your EPoS system.    

The core scripting engine of TouchPoint has been updated in this latest release, allowing for greater flexibility and depth to the till. Custom scripts mean TouchPoint can truely be adapted to any business in any industry. 

An executive from a valued ICRTouch reseller, Business Reply applauds, "Yet again another great release of TouchPoint with some brilliant new features. The new additions to the Etal scripting engine are going to allow us to push the boundries even further. With improvements to the built in VNC server and even more focus on TouchOffice Web, TouchPoint 2015 really is a no brainer."

Colin Ringer, CEO says: "I'm always impressed to see some of the new innovations in this marketplace that our skilled development team manage to produce each
and every year.  But it's also pleasing to see that they invest time into making improvements to some of the smaller things that our customers bring up from time to time."

For a full list of TouchPoint 2015's new features please see the New Features section on our website:

Key Updates 

  • Scripting 
  • Financial Reporting
  • Remote Control
  • System
  • EFT / Credit Cards
  • Customer HTML Display Interface
  • PocketTouch Interface
  • Enhanced WebShop Interface
  • Till Functionality