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"The great help we have received from the ICRTouch support team (as well as the forums, which is a great resource of information) has meant we have had the confidence to tackle some complex installs, which has resulted in great feedback from our customers.
We look forward to continuing to offer the ICRTouch product range to new and existing customers over the next 12 months and hopefully be in the running for an iTouchie next year!

Jon Mitchell, EBM Ltd (posted in a comment on The ICRTouch Forum)

Hamilton takes the chequered flag at the Silverstone GP

ICRTouch would like to congratulate Lewis Hamilton for a fantastic performance taking home the chequered flag on Sunday in dominating fashion.

For those of you that watched this weekend's Grand Prix you would have seen the safety car, Palmer leaving the pit with 3 wheels, Rosberg forced to change through sixth to eighth gear, Alonso spinning off the track and drama left and right. But what ICRTouch saw was dramatic sales left and right.

Over the Grand Prix weekend an incredible 30,000 transactions were put through the 32 TouchPoint tills spread around the Northamptonshire venue that made full use of TouchOffice Web and integrated SagePay terminals for speedy contactless payments.

Silverstone were able to take impressively fast transactions throughout the event (even Mercedes would take a second look), thanks to their TouchPoint EFT link to SagePay. Silverstone provide their customers with the option for contactless transactions allowing them to easily and quickly hover their card over the terminal to process the transaction.

ICRTouch partner, Gardiff EPoS provided the install for Silverstone. Based in Hitchin, Gardiff supply ICRTouch Epos Systems and hardware for every retail and hospitality requirement. With over 80% of sales coming from their existing clientele Gardiff always go the extra mile to ensure things run smoothly in order to fulfil and exceed expecations. 

Carl Harris, Gardiff CEO says, "The whole event was a success. All of the merchant services were setup very quickly by ICRTouch and we were supported extremely well throughout by the ICRTouch Team as usual. We had the whole system setup, installed and tested within 2 days and provided go live cover across the 3 public days of the event. The system worked flawlessly especially considering the volume of traffic across the network and the huge amount of transaction data being put through the system across 32 terminals, spread at various points around the venue. TouchOffice Web provided instant access to the sales data from around the track and provided a wealth of business intelligence data to review and analyse."