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"That is music to my ears; why can’t everything in life be as straightforward as ICRTouch?"

Peter, CS Marketing

Major update to PocketTouch

ICRTouch have released a new version of their handheld food and drinks ordering software with major updates

Looking to take food and drinks orders at the table?

PocketTouch is the answer! PocketTouch sends information from table to chef in seconds. Improves service times and reduces mistakes. Available on Android or iOS device. 

The latest update of PocketTouch now works in landscape or portrait, has a gesture controlled floorplan as well as live floorplan info. PocketTouch also boasts a beautiful 
customised layout, along with many other features to make it the most flexible and reliable table service software on the market.

New Features:

Now works in Landscape or Portrait Mode.
Internal Debug Logging.
Email Logs to Support direct from app.
Gesture controlled floorplan (zoom, rotation, position).
'Live' floorplan data - checks live status from TouchPoint Till.
Colour Coded Floorplan. (Blue for Bill Printed, Red for Open but No Bill Printed)
Table Summary includes: Table Number & any entered text/Number of items in current order/Total amount of current order/Number of covers/Bill Printed status
Adds settings for Portrait and Landscape mode to config options.
Adds 'Allow Price Level Change?' to config options.
Adds 'Auto Signoff Clerk' to config options.
Adds 'Auto Signoff Time (seconds)' to config options.
Adds 'Auto New Check' Mode.
Adds 'Import' and 'Export' PocketTouch Settings function.
Floorplan UI overhauled.
New Config Screen - Floorplan Config.
Adds 'Allow Rotate - (yes/no)' to Floorplan config options.
Adds 'Allow Zoom - (yes/no)' to Floorplan config options.
Adds 'Auto Sync Floorplan' to Floorplan config options.
Adds 'Fix floorplan to level - (yes/no)' to Floorplan config options.
Adds 'Fix to Level Number' to Floorplan config options.
Various Bug Fixes.