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When offered the change to ICRtouch I decided to go with it. The cost of this exercise was inexpensive as the hardware was fully compatible with ICRtouch. I have also added a hand held device on a tablet which we use to take orders at the table. This has meant greater efficiency to use as we only have two terminals. All in all the move has been very positive

Frederic Lambert - La Pesa Trattoria Italian Restaurant (Sydney, Australia)

Online Takeaway Ordering Growth Outpacing Global GDP Growth

Takeaway food ordering itself has grown exponentially and is predicted to continue to rise; In fact, the market is currently outpacing global GDP growth and the online ordering sector of the market is growing faster still, mostly thanks to increased penetration of smartphones and tablets.

Online ordering of Takeaways has surged in recent months. Britain's biggest Pizza delivery chain, Dominos, recently revealed that 75% of their orders are now placed via smartphones and other digital devices, up 35% on previous figures, with more than half of their orders placed through android or IOS devices.

Expenditure on takeaway food is expected to grow by 28% during this decade to £7.6bn a year according to figures from Euromonitor International.

Britain's expenditure on takeaway food is expected to grow by 28% during this decade to £7.6bn a year

More and more consumers are shifting away from traditional telephone based ordering to online platform as it offers a wide variety of choices, with Takeaway restaurants able to provide customers up-to-date menus and offers, payment by credit or debit card, and a more efficient consumer experience.

As David Wild, chief executive of Domino’s, says;

“The easier you make it to order, the more you will order.”

Anna Bager, IAB vice president and general manager of the Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence says,

"Restaurant and fast-food chain marketers should pay close attention to this trend and take advantage of the opportunities that mobile offers, making it a key part of their ad-buying strategy."

Nicola Knight, an analyst at Horizons, which tracks the eating-out industry, points out;

“The younger generation are our most frequent consumers of food prepared outside the home, so as they age we are becoming a nation used to buying takeaway foods,”

However, she also warned that while the larger takeaway restaurant chains were quick to embrace new technologies and trends, smaller businesses were set to fall behind as online ordering becomes the norm; 

“The takeaway market, particularly home delivered, will continue to grow, as group-owned operators such as Pizza Express move into the sector. Independent operators such as Indian and Chinese outlets are likely to continue to decline.”

Up until now, that may have been the case - but with TouchTakeaway from ICRTouch, smaller outlets can compete on a level playing field... without the restrictive policies and prohibitive fees found with online ordering gateway services, with full ownership of your own brand and full control of your offerings  - which means, amongst other things, not having to list your own local competitors on your online menu.

If you are a takeaway restaurant looking to leverage this market, see a demo here.

For full details on TouchTakeaway and to find an ICRTouch Dealer near you, please see

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