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"The great help we have received from the ICRTouch support team (as well as the forums, which is a great resource of information) has meant we have had the confidence to tackle some complex installs, which has resulted in great feedback from our customers.
We look forward to continuing to offer the ICRTouch product range to new and existing customers over the next 12 months and hopefully be in the running for an iTouchie next year!

Jon Mitchell, EBM Ltd (posted in a comment on The ICRTouch Forum)

Major announcement - reconstruction of new headquarters underway

ICRTouch have purchased and began reconstruction on their new 1,000sq/m headquarters at Sandown Airport, Isle of Wight.


With rapid growth in recent years, ICRTouch's workforce has subsequently swelled, as has it's server room, stock levels, tangible assets, training sessions and number of business meetings. 

The additional room will give our support team the opportunity to grow further and add another layer of top quality support for all our partners across the UK who provide the ICRTouch product suite.

 The expansion comes on the heels of the most storied and successful year in the company's 30+ year history; Shipping 10,000 installs, processing 70 million TouchOffice Web sales and making a huge impact onto the online ordering market with the release of TouchTakeaway.

The new building (formerly a specialist flying school) is being reconstructed to have two storeys, with offices modernised and decorated to have a sleek and clean look fitting of the UK's leading EPoS software company.

Please stand by, ICRTouch island will be here in the near future.