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Our previous supplier failed to deliver the promises they had made and we now have a seamless, reliable system across our 4 sites with full customer loyalty and a cloud based back office. I’m now able to view sales across all locations in real time and my managers have access to data specific to them.

Mama Mia

Mothering Sunday was this past weekend and the competition for "favourite sibling" was getting out of hand according to ICRTouch's TouchOffice Web live sales database.

In real-time ICRTouch record and monitor every sale going through TouchOffice Web from around the country using The Dashboard. Just take a look for yourself, below

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This Sunday certainly showed a dramatic increase in sales during lunch hours between midday and 3pm with a total of 1,511,730 sales put through TouchPoint tills connected to the ICRTouch cloud based service, TouchOffice Web adding up to a whopping £1,274,667. What makes these figures even more impressive is that TouchOffice Web currently accounts for around 7% of the ICRTouch tills that are currently out in the wild.

So, as a nation we may have gone a bit overboard on mum this year, but we all know she's worth every penny and more. If you wanted to put a figure on it however, ol' mum's worth £17,208,004 on her special day.

Colin Ringer, ICRTouch CEO says, "What I find most interesting about these figures is the comparison to the previous Sunday.  Whilst the number of sales were up by about 6%, indicating that more people went out for lunch this Sunday, the total value of these sales climbed by a staggering 15% meaning that people on the whole were spending more per visit; which can be accounted for by the normal Sunday lunch goers bringing along that extra person on her special day."



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Try the cloud-based back office software TouchOffice Web for yourself now. Simply follow the link and use demo as your username and demo as your password.