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"ICRTouch helps to turn crazy ideas into sensible reality!"

Stephen, ICR Systems

March Madness: Record number of licences sold for ICRTouch

ICRTouch have had another record breaking performance through March 2015 distributing 1,100 licences, continuing their unprecedented growth to confirm their position as the UK's leading EPoS software provider. 

This comes after a year of exceptional growth in 2014, which saw the milestone of the 50,000th licence being sold as well as sales of their flagship touch screen till software, TouchPoint, increase by 33%. Monthly sales records were smashed on four separate occasions during 2014, standing at 825 installations compared to a previous monthly high of 700. 

March 2015 brings with it another milestone; the first time the company hit over 1,000 licences sold within a single month, with a total of over 1,100 licences shipped. This is truly an impressive feat which has never been accomplished in the EPoS industry and almost doubles the 2014 average monthly install figures for ICRTouch.

colin.jpgColin Ringer - CEO and Co-Founder

"In 2013 we shipped 6,000 licences. In 2014 we moved 8,000.  At the end of last year I ambitiously stated that our goal was to ship 10,000 licences through 2015 knowing that this would also mean that we would have to hit 1,000 licences for a single month; a feat that has never before looked even remotely possible.  This sort of thing can only be achieved when your business is as gelled together as ours is and it is incredible to think how far we have come in the last 5 years. In June last year we hit 50,000 licences, now we are so far past that mark, its scary!  Our software development team is outstanding, the number of creative minds we have working to develop exciting new products seems to be forever expanding.  At ICRTouch we have big ideas for the future, as we continue to enhance businesses throughout the globe.  2015 is already looking set to be our finest year to date with some big news ahead, milestones reached and further job opportunities created for the UK."

Continued investment in all parts of the business has helped maintain the momentum generated over the previous years, which has seen the expansion of existing web based products such as TouchOffice Web and entirely new offerings including The support and development teams have also grown in line with the market growth and we continue to provide the excellent level of service that customer's expect from ICRTouch and her products.

ICRTouch’s flagship product, TouchPoint, has been one of the main areas of growth for the company, with a total of over 8,000 EPoS system installations in 2014 (2,000 up on 2013 figures)

PocketTouch, ICRTouch’s food/drinks ordering software for handheld devices more than doubled it’s licence sales in 2014 also, this is in large part due to it's continued development and availability on any android device and any iOS device. This year, ICRTouch's excellent development team has already released TouchPoint 2015 as well as major update to PocketTouch, ensuring cutting-edge software. 

ICRTouch is firing on all cylinders with total licences being up 26% in 2014 around the board and an average monthly sales figure of over 650 installs. With March 2015 almost doubling the previous year's average sales figure, it is quite clear that the company is continuing its rapid growth and evolving with the times.

There are also some new products in the pipeline, so watch this space as 2015 is already turning into a very exciting one!