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"ICRTouch helps to turn crazy ideas into sensible reality!"

Stephen, ICR Systems

TouchPoint offers impeccable flexibility for any type of business

TouchPoint's Etal scripting engine in 2015 allows you to push the boundaries of your TouchPoint till even further for unrivalled flexibility.

The examples below are just a selection of the kind of additional functionality that ICRTouch can add to a TouchPoint setup through Etal scripting to facilitate bespoke requirements for any business scenario you may be operating.

If you require specific, professional scripting for your business at an affordable price, contact your reseller and request the functionality that you require.

Take Away 'Same Again?' Button

Make it quick and easy for your regular customers to re-order their last take away with the re-order script. Your regulars will need to be "in the system" so their last order can be recorded, and then simply press the re-order button to add the entire order to the current sale, where you can then add or amend if necessary or simply finish the sale.

Interval Drinks

Theatre or events with a set interval? Want your customers to make the best use of the short interval period and deliver more to your customers during that time?

Use the Interval drinks pre-order script so your customers can pre-order and pay for items when they're buying their pre-show drinks. Clearly identified interval orders are printed, with a duplicate for the customer.

The customer can then collect their order at the start of the interval without needing to queue at the bar again.

Event Bands

Give wrist bands to your customers to allow/restrict their access through your event, adventure park, leisure facility without the need for separate passes. Uses tap-on technology to work with turnstiles and door entry systems.

Load money on to the bands for cashless environments such as swimming pools where your customers can't take their wallets and purses with them.

When the customer leaves, the wristband can be reset to be reused for the next customer.

Restrict TouchPoint functions by time

Sometimes it can be desirable or necessary to impose different restrictions at different times of the day to stop your staff from accidentally pressing the wrong buttons at the wrong time.

The 'Function Key Timetable Script' allows administrators to limit specific function keys by time ranges. For example, only allowing staff to run the End of Day reports in the evening or only allowing discount keys to be used during lunch time.

Custom Conversions for Loyalty Integration

With Etal we can translate custom formatted data from various inputs to a customer loyalty number. A Number of resellers have benefited from custom scripts to convert a data format of an older or unknown system. Examples include barcodes, door entry cards, QRCodes, contactless readers.

This can be especially useful when using customer's existing cards from door entry systems and the like.