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"TouchPoint is the dog's b******s! laugh"

Bob, Bangor Cash Register Company Ltd

TouchPoint 2012 Release

We're thrilled to announce the release of the 2012 version of TouchPoint! Despite being a product that was first released in 1999, and probably the most feature rich and flexible EPoS software on the UK market, TouchPoint 2012 now sports more than 50 exciting new features over the 2011 version!

This year we have concentrated mostly on adding features that build extra connectivity to the world around us, things like email and SMS text messaging straight from the terminal - An example use for these is that they could be used to remotely warn managers of suspicious staff activities or perhaps to contact your customers with special offers and promotions.  However, the feature that we're most proud of is our fully integrated table reservations systems that seamlessly synchronises the reservations diary, floor plan and website booking system to allow your customers to book their favourite table from the comfort of their laptop or smart phone.

We've also been concentrating on revitalising some of the existing features that were looking a little dated.  For example being one of the first EPoS Systems to have a graphical floor plan in turn means that it's been looking a little long in the tooth for the last few years and so we've invested a huge amount of time and effort into completely rewriting this from the ground up with glitzy new graphics and a whole raft of features making the restaurant floor more manageable, for example the warning system that alerts you if a table hasn't had any activity for a certain period of time - this can help to boost customer satisfaction and also encourage opportunities for making additional sales.

Colin Ringer, CEO says: "Yet again I've been impressed by the way the team pulls together each year to build ever more innovative and exciting features into our product line without ever sacrificing speed, ease of use and reliability"

For a more full list of TouchPoint 2012's new features please see the New Features section on our website: