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Denbies Wine Estate recently installed the SPA EPOS system across its two busy restaurants.  The installation process was quick and easy and the whole system is quick and intuitive to use.  This has reduced customer queuing times and driven up efficiency and productivity whilst allowing sales analysis data at the press of a button.

Dan O’Connor - Catering Manager, Denbies Wine Estate

Scriptember Bonanza!

You've probably noticed that throughout the course of this month we've been releasing a number of very exciting scripts, some are free to download others are demos of premium scripts that are for sale.

Here's a brief list of some of the more interesting scripts released this month:


Snooker Demo

This is a script and demonstration program.  This makes changes so that products can be sold by time so that a snooker table can be booked out and once the table has finished being used the price of the table is then calculated.  We've also made changes to the skin file so that the floor plan tables are snooker and pool tables.

Email Reports

Adding this to your epos terminal builds in the ability for TouchPoint to automatically dispatch a nicely formatted email that duplicates the end of day report that was taken at the terminal.

TikTap Demo

We're quite excited about the TikTap pod - see here for details - this script adds enhancements to the way that it functions enabling you even finer control over the special offers that you can give out to help attract new customers.

Email Transaction Alert

This is a neat little script that gives the till system the ability to immediately dispatch an email whenever certain 'flagged' function keys are used.  This is a great little security feature and a cool method of keeping tabs on your staff.  There's also an exciting modification to this script that allows the alerts to be sent out by SMS instead of email.

Text Message on Misc Product

This enhancement makes the system automatically pop up a qwerty keyboard whenever a misc plu is used prompting for the user to enter what it is.  This is a great idea in food service environment where even if the misc key is used the staff can still type the name of the item that was sold so that it can be printed correctly in the kitchen.

Extend Customer Expiry

This script is used to allow you to manage membership schemes for members clubs helping to deal with renewals in an incredibly flexible manor.

Some other exciting Etal scripts that were released before Scriptember that you may have missed are; Post code directions for takeaways, customisable A4 receipt printing, kitchen printer redirection and product programming in sales mode.

ICRTouch TouchPoint is the only EPOS software product in the world that features an event driven Etal Scripting Engine.  This amazing feature allows anyone with some minor software development skills to build add-ons and make core changes to the way that TouchPoint functions; the possibilities literally are endless.

If you're an ICRTouch end user then ask your reseller today about some of the amazing features that can be added to your EPoS system through the use of some simple Etal scripts.