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Our previous supplier failed to deliver the promises they had made and we now have a seamless, reliable system across our 4 sites with full customer loyalty and a cloud based back office. I’m now able to view sales across all locations in real time and my managers have access to data specific to them.

ICRTouch TouchPoint central to eticket rollout in 2 Isle of Wight theme parks

Most visitor attractions use an epos terminal on the entrance whereas eticket purchases are dealt with by the attractions website the secret to providing an effective solution is the integration and sharing of information between the 2 systems.

This was the question faced by Vectis Ventures, the parent company of Robin Hill Country Park and Blackgang Chine "the original park of themes".  Having already run a successful park/event information website for many years they decided that they needed to expand into the field of etickets, the Challenge faced was how to integrate this new form of ticketing with the existing infrastructure which relied heavily on ICRTouch TouchPoint EPoS terminals to manage the theme park entrance.  This was accomplished in a joint venture between ICRTouch and we3create resulting in a web based ticket database that can confirm the ticket is valid, for the level of entrance stated and if there is any surcharge to be paid.

The ticket issued by the website contains a barcode enabling staff at the site to simply scan the eticket making it very user friendly, for the inevitable customer who has lost or forgotten their ticket there is an easy to use integrated search facility that can work on partial/full first name, surname,address or postcode, once found the ticket can be easily reprinted using either the receipt printer or a standard network printer.

The procedure for redeeming the eTicket is a simple process:

1. Scan the eticket into the till.

From here TouchPoint takes over; contacting the park's website to determine whether the ticket is valid and hasn't already been used, how many visitors it covers and whether there should be any additional surcharge in the event of it being an off peak ticket redemeed during peak times.

2. The user validates that the ticket information shown is for the correct number of people, enters any additional items into the sale which may include extra entrance tickets and finalises the sale as per normal.

TouchPoint then produce a park ticket from the local receipt printer; these include details such as terms and conditions and how to make use of the ticket to regain entry throughout the following week.  Finally the website is informed that the eticket has now been redeemed and so cannot be used again.


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