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"TouchPoint is the best software
Try to break it if you dare
It works all day
Doesn't need much pay
Better still if it's one of a pair.

Poetry by Bob, Bangor Cash Register Company Ltd

New updates to our Sage Line 50 integration

We've just released an update to our Sage Line 50 interface that has been developed to better accommodate the needs of some of the more recent type of customer that have been wanting to use the system.

Traditionally it's only been our retail customer base that has posted into Sage, however recently we've seen a  bit of a pattern emerging that is showing that hospitality customers now expect their epos systems to be able to post their financial data into Sage, helping to make their lives a little easier and more automated when it comes to filling their vat and end of year tax returns.  When you have business like restaurants and pubs posting their financial position into Sage then it presents a few unique challenges that you don't normally see with the retail sector, not least that you can often see huge swings in the differences between what has been sold during a day and what has actually been paid for during the same period; hospitality businesses often run bar tabs, hotel rooms and leave balances open on tables.  Much of the work that we have done has been concentrated on dealing with these nuances. 

We've also completed our usual yearly update designed to ensure that our EPoS products support the latest Sage edition, in this case Sage Line 50 2013 which means that we now interface with all versions of Sage Line 50 from 2009 through to Sage 2013.

Our Sage Line 50 integration can be used for either posting customer invoices which enables customer sales processed at the till system to automatically create invoices and appear on customer statements within Sage, or it can be used for posting end of day financial totals.

Colin Ringer says "I'm pleased to see that our team are continuing to develop and support Sage integration within our EPoS product line.  Sage integration development can be quite costly to providers like ourselves, both in terms of labour and Sage developer licensing costs and can, on one hand, be tricky to justify which is probably why we are one of the few in our market sector that are able to offer this as a service!"

ICRTouch are part of an exclusive group of EPoS software developers who have Sage integration, if you are already using ICRTouch products and have Sage Line 50 or are simply interested how having your EPoS system integrated with Sage can help your business then contact your local ICRTouch reseller.