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Awesome software by the way, this customer is really picky over how a till should work and so far I've been able to find a solution for everything they've challenged me with.

They've thrown out 3 other systems (from other dealers) over the years because they had some failings or features missing that they wanted. But they're really enjoying getting ICRTouch working how they want it to!

Posted on the support forum by Steve Gibbon - Owner, abiTECH Solutions

TikTap has the ICRTouch for Success

We are delighted to announce that our state-of-the-art touchscreen till software is now integrated with an app that allows users to redeem vouchers and coupons simply with the swipe of a mobile phone!  So impressed are we with the potential of the device that has been developed by 2ergo, the firm behind Orange Wednesdays, that we will be adding extra functionality into our TouchPoint till system to further enhance the opportunities available.

TikTap plan to revive the high street by rolling out the app that allows small, independent retailers to compete with the retail giants when it comes to offering their customers paperless deals and offers.  2ergo's TikTap Pod connects directly to an ICRTouch-powered EPOS till system. All the retailer needs is a spare USB port and away they go.

When the TikTap App is downloaded to a mobile phone, it unlocks a host of offers which can be redeemed by the customer simply by "tapping" the pod with their phone.  Just like ICRTouch's popular till software packages, the system collects and collates data that help retailers keep track of stock and make offers much more targeted.

For more information on the TikTap device please visit TikTap's Website.