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"If you're buying for a hospitality environment then I strongly suggest looking at ICR.  Of the several PC based systems I have experience with ICR remains the most stable."

A user on Epos Wizard forum offers online account payments for your epos system

During the 50,000th licence ball one of the major announcements of the night was the release of their cloud based payment solution  ICRTouch resellers were all presented at the start of the evening with a TouchTopUp customer account card preloaded with money that they could spend at the bar.  They were then encouraged to sign up to the online payment system via a QR code printed on the card, that then allowed them to view in real time exactly which items they'd purchased at the bar, their current remaining balance and even allowed them to put more money onto the system if they had a bit of a taste for liking the odd tipple. has been designed for use primarily in the school meals market allowing parents link all their children under one account and to be able to put money on at any time, even during lunch time and of course monitor what they're children are spending their dinner money on.  Of course it's not just limited to schools meals and can also be used in any environment that makes use of an ICRTouch EPoS System that's configured Prepaid or Customer Account balances; for example Factories, Members Clubs, large corporations and even prisons.  

There's a mobile version of the system too so you can even top up your account whilst stood at the EPoS system waiting to pay!

About allows customers to manage their accounts online from desktop, smartphone or tablet.  Features include topping up card accounts and viewing transactions right down to individual purchases. provides the ability to manage multiple customer accounts from a single login, where you are a member of multiple participating schemes; for example a single user might have accounts for their children's school meals, the company cafeteria and the Golf Club - all accessible and managed via one login. gives the users the convenience of being to top up from a credit or debit card or through existing online payment providers (eg Paypal) is a powerful service when combined with ICRTouch's TouchPoint loyalty and promotions features by encouraging account customers to spend more and reward them for topping up their accounts which they can do online through their mobile devices.


Try it for yourself:

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