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Our previous supplier failed to deliver the promises they had made and we now have a seamless, reliable system across our 4 sites with full customer loyalty and a cloud based back office. I’m now able to view sales across all locations in real time and my managers have access to data specific to them.

Ordering at the table using your Smartphone

We're thrilled to announce that mobile app developer, Plingh, have interfaced their mobile iPhone and Android app solution into our TouchPoint EPoS System.  The exciting solution is designed specifically for pubs & restaurants and allows your customers to order their own drinks and food using their smartphone from within anywhere on your premises, even the beer garden! 

The mobile app is also integrated with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter allowing your customers to easily share their experience at your business with their friends and family.

Due to the clever way that Plingh connects to the ICRTouch EPoS System all customers running TouchPoint 2012, a broadband connection and a few minor settings can already benefit from this new and innovative way of letting customers order via their mobile phone, opening up a new way of hospitality businesses being able to communicate with their customers.  The Plingh application is freely available in the Apple App Store and on Android Play.

For more information please contact our sales department or visit