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"The tills are easy to use and not obtrusive at all. They enable us to be more professional."

Christine Turner, Operations Manager at New Forest Hotels

New features for Rezlynx hotel EPoS interface

We have just completed an update to our EPoS interface application to Rezlynx hotel PMS that was originally added back in 2006.  This now features; a more modern user interface, up to date branding, easier testing functionality, end of day sales total postings and a few other small changes.

Having a live interface between your EPoS and hotel property management system (PMS) is an incredibly efficient way to run your hotel bar and restaurant because it allows your customers to book their bar and restaurant bills directly to their room; this creates a much nicer and more professional experience for your customers, but will also reduce loses through mistakes and lost paper tabs for your business.  Look out for differences in features across different systems such as; the ability to have multiple accounts on one hotel room, controlling credit limits, handling of inclusive meals and synchronising end of day sale totals.

More hotel PMS in the UK have an EPoS interface to ICRTouch TouchPoint than any other PC based touch screen till system which makes an ICRTouch EPoS system the ideal choice for your hotel.

For more information about ICRTouch EPoS Systems for Hotels visit or download the brochure from here.