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Mark, BS Systems

ICRTouch TouchOffice Web Processes 50 Millionth Sale


ICRTouch reaches a major milestone today, showing a rapid increase in uptake of its TouchOffice Web product. The innovative cloud-based back office software has proven to be hugely successful, having reached a record Total Sales count of 50 million with a total value of over £460 million. Proven reliability and scaleability of the platform is key to reaching this monumental figure.

The twinkly white dots represent sales happening in real-time on TouchOffice Web enabled EPoS Systems. The number of sales being made every second is incredible to watch. You can see the moment the 50 millionth sale goes through...

With a total transaction value of over £460 Million processed so far through the platform and over £850 thousand processed so far today, you can see the popularity of the platform within the Partner network and with customers alike; thanks to the ease of set-up, reliability and the great depth of features that the web service offers.

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